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MLG Dallas 09 has 7 chronicles

  1. MLG Dallas 09 The Who’s Who of MLG Dallas 09

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Aug 31 2009

    With so many GoG connections at this event, this event's Chronicle collection wouldn’t be complete unless we mentioned as many GoG members as we can…so...
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  2. MLG Dallas 09 Party All The Time

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Aug 31 2009

    For those who attended or read about MLG Dallas 08, you may remember that the GoG can put on a darn good party. This year was no exception and we instead ...
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  3. MLG Dallas 09 I Got Pooped On

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Aug 31 2009

    So we get to MLG Dallas 09, right? This is the story of how team Defiance and my first MLG PLAYING experience went down… Well after the 2 hour flight...
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  4. MLG Dallas 09 Ready & Waiting

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Aug 28 2009

    miselj is on his way, and I'm finishing some last minute packing (and writing obviously) before we jump over to the airport and fly down to MLG Dallas. ...
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  5. MLG Dallas 09 All-GoG Group Photo

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Aug 07 2009

    We're working to have a Media Pass for MLG Dallas, which will allow us to take some photos during the event. We'd like to organize a large GoG group pho...
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  6. MLG Dallas 09 MLG Dallas - Halo 3 Gametypes

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Aug 07 2009

    MLG Dallas is approaching and the latest gametypes for MLG Dallas have been released! They are available to download through your file sharing system on B...
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  7. MLG Dallas 09 GoG Patches

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Aug 07 2009

    So we know it's tough organizing a team shirt design, but we also know there are a lot of players/teams that would still like to show their support for thi...
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Profile Comments

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  1. A-Thon X A-Thon X
    Posted On Sep 07 2009

    Love all the pics and chronicles of the event. Love it love it. Keep it up so that who couldn't make it can still enjoy it. Very Happy
  2. RxySurfChic RxySurfChic
    Posted On Sep 06 2009

    Pictures will be coming soon, promise! Camera died. QQ
  3. MLG Dallas 09 MLG Dallas 09
    Posted On Sep 03 2009

    Everyone should share this highlighting profile with friends around the web, by dropping it's specific URL on your Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, ect. profiles!
  4. Ovaryacting Ovaryacting
    Posted On Sep 02 2009

    Great meeting eveyone in Dallas, I'll be posting a chronicle later about my experience at Dallas.
  5. PMS Sylvrshadow PMS Sylvrshadow
    Posted On Sep 02 2009

    Wish I coulda been there!! Smile
  6. MLG Dallas 09 MLG Dallas 09
    Posted On Sep 01 2009

    Wait until you see miselj's dance video!

    We're waiting on HURLEYX3R0 to edit it all together, but when she does, KNOW it'll be on this profile for sure Laughing
  7. Jaded DSO Jaded DSO
    Posted On Aug 30 2009

    Hey! Great seeing you at MLG Dallas!!!!