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  1. MLG Dallas 09 Ready & Waiting

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Aug 28 2009

    miselj is on his way, and I'm finishing some last minute packing (and writing obviously) before we jump over to the airport and fly down to MLG Dallas.

    A good GoG/TXI friend is picking up from the Dallas airport and we'll head over to the Hilton Anatole to prepare for the madness.

    We may have a match this evening (Defiance), but I'm sure we'll spend most of the afternoon connecting with friends and spreading those magical GoG Patches and Limited Edition GoG Fliers around the entire joint.

    We've also got Grip-Its to share at this event, so along with some random GoG swag we'll be handing out, this will be a great time. I'm also excited as we likely will host another party one of the nights this weekend, so look for all the highlights and photos to drop throughout the weekend!

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