The Iowa Pro Gaming Challenge The Iowa Pro Gaming Challenge

MLG Meadowlands
Xbox 360 GT:
New Jersey
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Game Hardware:

  • Xbox 360


4v4 Halo 3

1v1 Halo 3

4v4 Gears of War 2


Exhibition DDR
Exhibition Street Fighter 4

Game Genres:

  • Dance
  • Fighting
  • First-person shooter

Gamer Bio:

Watch as we highlight our GoG adventure at the 2009 MLG season opener in Meadowlands!

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Video Game Tournaments

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MLG Meadowlands has 5 chronicles

  1. MLG Meadowlands Championship Sunday

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Apr 21 2009

    With what felt like a lifetime at the event, I was still very excited to be a part of the big day that would eventually determine the 2009 MLG season opene...
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  2. MLG Meadowlands PACHA – Where Techno Lives

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Apr 21 2009

    Picture this if you would. You woke up over 21 hours ago, have flown to NYC, enjoyed an exciting afternoon at MLG, and now it is approaching 1:00am and yo...
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  3. MLG Meadowlands Day Two Continued

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Apr 10 2009

    So if you’re following along, you’re aware that we just woke up from a one hour nap and have now committed to another exciting day of MLG Meadowlands ...
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  4. MLG Meadowlands Day One…and Two

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Apr 06 2009

    This MLG Meadowlands adventure started at 4:15am on Friday morning (4-3-09). This early start was to make the first flight out of Des Moines and make it i...
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