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  1. MLG Dallas 09 Party All The Time

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Aug 31 2009

    For those who attended or read about MLG Dallas 08, you may remember that the GoG can put on a darn good party. This year was no exception and we instead pushed things to the next level in room 1172.

    As I mentioned in the “I Got Pooped On” Chronicle, we had one of the hottest rooms in the whole hotel. Room 1172 was THE place to be both nights of this event, as we had a huge room overlooking downtown Dallas Shocked

    ROUND 1
    You’ll check out the photos in this event’s photo gallery that will say a lot more than I can write, but the first night we had around 30-40 people enjoying a serious LAN setup. We had four 22’ flatscreen monitors on the sweet conference table in our room, with a huge 50’ for more casual gaming such as UFC Undisputed, Nazi Zombies, Madden, and of course more Halo. Drinks, conversation, and fun were on the house this night and we rocked it until 4:30-5:00am, so know we had a blast and was hurting on Saturday. Many people learned about and joined the GoG this night as well, so enjoy the media (especially miselj’s dance move video coming soon!) as this night was something to remember.

    ROUND 2
    The next day we knew we had to do something even bigger, so we did.

    After a great day of gaming and fun, we cruised up to the room and relaxed a little bit. Main Stage had some great games, including a 3-0 performance from Carbon against Str8 Rippin, where it sounds like Walshy was being chanted louder than ever before, so many were enjoying that which meant our gathering started a bit later.

    Time is a blur at these events, so people started arriving to Room 1172 and we were already going after it. We had the LAN setup again and enjoyed more like 60-75 people rolling through the GoG room this night!

    So many great new friends were made, but as we began to run out of mixers, I headed down to the hotel bar area. Here’s where this night took an unexpected turn for the awesome…

    *Start Insane Part*

    So I get down there and see some familiar faces, so I jump right in and share some fun conversations with Walshy, his female friend, and the main man from Bungie, Shishka, who is the Community Manager at Bungie. He is doing some big things at that company and his stories were epic as a longtime Halo fan. He was also demoing Halo 3:ODST at the event, so it was cool to hear his perspective on the game and hear some fortune telling about Halo Reach! Miselj and a few others who were with me, also had a unique chance to chat with Shishka and Walshy before he left, so that was cool as well.

    It was so interesting to hear what these guys had to say and I really enjoyed talking with them. I also saw Sundance Digiovanni, Mike Sepso, Chris Puckett, Amy Janzen, and Nexy; so I stood up and spoke with them awhile which was my highlight of MLG Dallas 09.

    These are the leaders of MLG and although I’ve spoke with a few folks about our GoG/MLG connection efforts, it was a treat to buy Mike Sepso a Ciroc w/ a splash of cranberry, and hear some of his unique insight as he manages and has built such a beast that we know as MLG. I’m not sure what those fun conversations will lead to, but it was a perfect way to finish off an awesome evening.

    Each morning of MLG Dallas 09 came to soon, but I don’t think anyone would have asked for anything else. Thanks to everyone who enjoyed the way GoG gets down and be sure to check out the fun photos of all the fun!

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  1. XazTuR XazTuR
    Posted On Sep 01 2009

    GoG knows how to get down and partay!!!