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PMS Clan Halo 3
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  • Xbox
  • Xbox 360
  • Xbox 360 Elite


HALO 3 BABY!! Wink

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  • Fighting
  • First-person shooter
  • Puzzle
  • Sports
  • Third-person shooter

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Hello all!! My name is Felisha I just turned 20 TODAY!!! well im a FPS kinda girl im obsessed with halo, I play other games but my love and passion will ALWAYS be for halo (: I am a full time student majoring in Education. Im fun out going and super uh slow LOL well yah hit me up with a FR so we can play!!

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PMS_UNFORGIVEN has 2 chronicles

  1. PMS_UNFORGIVEN My 1st GoG podcast!

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Jul 16 2009

    Hey, everyone Im apart of the PMS clan w00t w00t. Im not such a great writer but I just want to let everyone know I had such a GREAT time last night. Every...
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    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Jun 24 2009

    Gosh im meeting lots of great gamers here!! I feel so welcome. I also want to thank everyone that is supporting us. We really appreciate it! Glad to se...
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  1. Xabalos Xabalos
    Posted On Mar 06 2010

    Hello how are you doing?
    Posted On Jan 12 2010

    I'm gonna get you be? lol. Thursday new GT is WASHMYBR get on
  3. BEN BEN
    Posted On Jan 12 2010

    We're waiting to hear from a event developer that had a SF4 & UFC event at the location we're planning to host The Iowa Pro Gaming Challenge. They might get involved with running this fighting game's division and will have more insight on what title we should select.

    We're also trying to decide how best to weave in MW2, so that's why the full divisions have not been announced. Once full details, prize money, ect. are announced...I need you to seriously push people to travel and join us here in Des Moines, okay?
    Posted On Dec 22 2009

    you been online yet?
  5. clokwerx9 clokwerx9
    Posted On Dec 16 2009

    I know its been almost 5 months, but thanks for the comment! Smile Thanks for stopping by and saying hello its appreciated. How have you been and what's all new and exciting?
  6. BEN BEN
    Posted On Dec 11 2009

    Nice job on the new profile photo. have you heard all this news about the GoG 5,000 Party? YOU should join us for sure...let me know you thoughts immediately...
  7. BEN BEN
    Posted On Nov 02 2009

    NICE! Be sure to rock that GoG patch at the event and let's see photos around here asap.

    Will you post a GoG-oriented photo for me, like you did for Matrix in Dallas? Spread the word and help us push towards 5,000 members around here!
  8. BEN BEN
    Posted On Nov 02 2009

    Are you headed down to MLG Anaheim this weekend?
  9. BEN BEN
    Posted On Oct 25 2009

    Where have you been girl?
  10. MaTrIx MaTrIx
    Posted On Oct 12 2009

    ITS GREAT! Check your myspace for the full story...lmao!

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