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MLG Dallas 09 has 7 chronicles

  1. MLG Dallas 09 I Got Pooped On

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Aug 31 2009

    So we get to MLG Dallas 09, right? This is the story of how team Defiance and my first MLG PLAYING experience went down…

    Well after the 2 hour flight from Des Moines (which is much nicer than the 12 hour drive, haha), miselj and I arrived in Dallas and our friend from the TXI Gaming Network, Leo, picked us up and we went into downtown Dallas to eat. I probably shouldn’t have had a cocktail and a shot Leo called a "Mind Eraser" at this point, but I did.

    Anyways, we barely get settled into what would soon become the GoG home base, which was a huge conference suite. This room will be the hottest spot in Dallas in later stories, but let’s stay on track with this story…

    So with games being announced at 5pm, we headed down to the venue. Miselj was impressed and I was glad to be back at this epic event. The setup was very similar to MLG Dallas 08, so we cruised in with our Media Pass. It’s been a year since we started getting involved and started attending MLG events, and it was interesting to see how much things have changed since then.

    As we walked in, we first met up with my team, then continued to see and meet soooo many folks we knew from the GoG. It was great to put a face to everyone’s GoG profile for sure, so it was exciting to jump right in.

    The games were announced and we played first, so I can’t think of a way I personally could have come in any COLDER to our first match…and it showed, lol.

    The first match was Team Slayer on Construct and I had 1 kill! That’s a single, lone little kill for the entire game, haha, as our team only got like 12 kills to their winning 50. Ouch, right? Well the domination continued as the semi-pro team we unfortunately got paired with, destroyed us in Capture The Flag on The Pit.

    So that was it, we had lost our first match and we QUICKLY headed to the Loser’s Bracket. I’d estimate we were one of the first teams to lose a match at MLG Dallas 09…pretty epic, huh?!

    So we got pooped on badly in the first round and had our second match in Loser’s Round 2, as we received a bye through Round 1. We got matched up with a little bit more of an evenly matched team, but the pooping on me/us continued.

    There was two Team Foxy girls on this squad, so that was cool, but we still enjoyed some friendly trash talking. Anyways, they destroyed us some more and although it wasn’t as embarrassing as the match before, we still lost the first two games. Thanks to SweetIceCream, RxySurfChic, and BL17ZKR13G for such a fun/humbling experience Very Happy

    And this my friends, concludes my first MLG PLAYING adventure, lol, we were eliminated as quick as you technically can…but I promise we had fun and it’s okay, because that’s really only where the fun began…

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Chronicle Comments

MLG Dallas 09 has 3 comment s on this chronicle.

  1. RxySurfChic RxySurfChic
    Posted On Sep 06 2009

    Best match EVER.

  2. MissProphetess MissProphetess
    Posted On Sep 01 2009

    Haha, I feel proud that I was one of the Team Foxy girls you talked about. Very Happy It was fun playing against you, and your team ; you four were probably the most enjoyable team to play with, you all made me giggle, hope to see you at future events!

  3. SweetIceCream SweetIceCream
    Posted On Sep 01 2009

    haha yea the last match was so fun!