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GoG Tools FAQ

WTF Are GoG Tools?

Until now, we've been primarily focused on building a strong base of members here at this exciting and growing video game community. Now that we have a dedicated group of gamers and as we continue to grow our members here, we want to give you all a way to interact and enjoy different services, products, and tools that will help you enjoy gaming with other members of this community even more. GoG Tools are the answer to this quest and we hope you'll enjoy all the different tools we have planned for you to use, here on the Gathering of Gamers. We'll work to continue adding new GoG Tools for you to enjoy, so stay close and know our goal is to give you and all your friends the resources you need to enjoy all the different elements of your video gaming hobby (or obsession), right in one place, on!

Video Game Trading

video game trading

The GoG video game trading element is the first major GoG Tool that has already gone online. Working with SaySwap Inc., we have developed the GoG Game Trading Community that allows all the members of this social network an easy, trusted, and safe way of trading their old video games for new ones! The video game trading GoG Tool is backed by SaySwap's "Safe Trade Protection Plan" and your credit card is processed through a secure VeriSign gateway, so you can be sure that the entire process is really simple and secure. Plus you'll already know most of the people you're trading with, because they're also a part of this video game community.

The best part about this particular GoG Tool is that you can connect with friends while you're on this video gaming community and now you'll be able to trade and exchange games with them for only $4.95 per Trading Token. You use these Trading Tokens only when you are receiving a game from another member, while the point system rewards members who trade a lot of video games. Look for us to have some contests that will give away these Trading Tokens and make it even easier for you to enjoy this exclusive video game trader. So you understand completely…that's a whole new video game for you, delivered to your door (shipping is free for the owner to ship it to you), for less than the cost of a value meal or the toll you pay on a GTA4 bridge toll! Another thing to note is that a nice percentage of the Trading Token's cost goes to support and allows us to continue developing this exciting place that we all enjoy.

Our video game trading network developed with SaySwap is separate from our GoG profile system, so you'll have to start by setting up a quick profile that matches your GoG profile, but it's easy to do and we'll all be over there, so don't wait anymore…head over to the GoG Game Trading Community and let's trade some video games together!

Gamer Apparel

video game apparel

Since going online with this social network for video gamers, we've had a small (but very quality) line of GoG clothing and video game console skins in the GoG Shop. With GoG Tools, we're going to step it up a lot and begin by offering a special line of very cool gamer apparel from our friends over at Glitch Gear!

Along with some of the cool GoG items we'll still have available, we're excited to also offer these unique video game clothing designs from Glitch Gear that will show your true gamer spirit. We also plan to connect with other manufactures to offer even more video game accessories, video game merchandise, video game clothing, and anything else that will enhance your own gaming world. It's just another way we want GoG Tools to give you the one-stop-shop for everything you love about being a gamer and what video games mean to you!

Next time you hit up that video game tournament or live gaming event, you'll know what you're going to wear, that's for sure! Also, let us know if you have a team that is competing in an event and maybe we can get you to represent this video game community, by showing your GoG colors and wearing some of the gamer apparel we have here. We'll continue to add new and exciting video game apparel and products to the GoG Shop, so jump in there now and get yourself (or a friend) hooked up...

Video Gaming Podcast

video game podcast

We all listen to the radio, and maybe some of us listen to a podcast or two, but there may be other gamers who don't listen to one (or don't even know what a podcast is). A podcast is very much like a radio show, but instead of being broadcasted through your FM/AM radio at certain times of the day, it is broadcasted over the Internet and available anytime. The easiest way to think about a podcast is that it is an audio file, like any other mp3, that you can download and listen to. Our podcasting connection also streams online and is available on iTunes as well. One of the best parts about podcasts, is that you can choose a time to listen to it. So get to know Okatta, Crash, and Camaro over at The Gamers Garage and listen to hear some of our own GoG members dropping by the show!

As GoG members, we personally invite you to enjoy a weekly podcast that has joined forces with, and listen to what's new in the video gaming world, updates on our own video game community, and an overall down to earth discussion of our favorite past time…video games! This show will make you feel right at home and we'll always have a GoG forum area to discuss each episode, so listen often and we'll see you on the airwaves.

Live Chat

GoG live chat

The community had requested that we develop a Live Chat Tool that would allow GoG members who were online at the same time, to chat gaming, setup an online match, or just enjoy conversation with friends. As one of the quickest requests to be granted, we now have an easy-to-use GoG Live Chat Tool here within

This GoG Tool is really easy to use. Simply click the link within the GoG Tools menu and you’ll be taken to an internal page with the Live Chat Tool embedded. You can open this application up in a separate pop-up, to make additional browsing easier, but either way you’ll then enter a username that you want to be represented by in that single chat session. Once your username is submitted, you’ll be dropped into a lobby and can chat video games to your heart’s desire!

GoG Clan System

video game clan system

As one of the best and most important enhancements made to this unique social network since going online, the GoG Clan System gives individual GoG members a way to unite with friends and create/organize individual GoG profiles into clans, teams, and groups. The GoG Clan System uses the same general profile structure as your individual GoG profile, so it’s easy to understand and efficient for the leaders of a group to manage.

You’ll quickly notice the different profile design colors (Blue/Gamer Green) and the similar layout, but different areas of the profile that can be used to organize, inform, and promote the clan profile. Use these areas, just as you would your individual GoG profile, to customize, update, and represent your own empire.

You must be a verified member of the site and you can only be a part of one clan at this time, so develop or join a clan wisely. If you desire to leave a clan, the Overlord or Staff member of your clan must delete you. If you are looking to delete an entire clan profile, that is done by contacting us. The system will be dynamic and may change in some of the procedures, so stay close and look to the forums for future announcements.

The GoG Clan System also has a great way to manage the permissions of your members, through a ranking system that is explained on the GoG Clan Registration Page. You must be a GoG member to create a clan within this video game community, but as you create the clan on this registration page, you’re automatically set to the highest rank of Overlord. As new members join your empire, they’re initially ranked as a Recruit, but can be promoted (and demoted) by the upper level members as necessary. Different permissions are allowed, based on a member’s rank, so chose your leadership wisely and together, grow your own (or existing) empire!