The Iowa Pro Gaming Challenge The Iowa Pro Gaming Challenge

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  • Xbox 360
  • Xbox 360 Elite


Halo 3 (2v2 & 4v4)


Random arcade match ups as well Smile

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  • Arcade
  • Fighting
  • First-person shooter

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This was intense, as MLG players from around the country gathered in Chicago to enjoy and compete in an awesome LAN tournament environment!

This was the top level of Halo 3 gamers at this event, so when the tournament action started, the room got loud and the competition got heated. As you can see from the photos/videos, this was quite the scene AND a great chance for the GoG community to develop some new friends within the Major League Gaming organization.

You'll also notice the equipment looking great and we were excited to help develop the custom skins for this event. BEN helped with the Winter Wonder LAN logo design and had the Xbox 360s looking super BA.

We're now looking forward to attending MLG Meadowlands 09 in April, so we can party it up with our new friends and see everyone competing once again.

Thanks to Joe Sr., Joe Fries, and Totz for their amazing hospitality and we hope you enjoy the coverage here on this dedicated GoG profile!

GoGcast Episode 4 has BEN sharing his thoughts from the event, so feel free to also check that 30 minute show out sometime Wink

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  1. Crank Dat Creach
  2. Overlord
    Joe Fries
  3. Overlord Elite Squad

  4. Elumnite

  5. FayDid
  6. Overlord

  7. MLG Dallas
  8. Staff

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WinterWonderLAN has 4 chronicles

  1. WinterWonderLAN Concluding Comments

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Jan 06 2009

    This was a special event. You have many of the top MLG pro players, all competing (and having fun) at a beautiful home in the suburbs of Chicago, the week...
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  2. WinterWonderLAN 4v4 Tournament Underway

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Dec 29 2008

    It's 7pm CST here at the Winter Wonder LAN in Chicago, and after an an afternoon of friendly warm ups, we're getting the 4v4 tournament underway. The te...
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  3. WinterWonderLAN 2 Hours of Sleep & Ready To Go Again

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Dec 28 2008

    So as I wrote last night, we arrived at this event around 2:00am, but ended up staying up until the last 2v2 battle was over around 9:00am! Walshy and S...
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  4. WinterWonderLAN Arriving @ 2:00am

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Dec 28 2008

    Although we were planning to arrive tomorrow (Sunday) afternoon, we made it into Chicago on Friday night and after a great band and a few cocktails, we hea...
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