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MassiveNYC Event has 8 chronicles

  1. MassiveNYC Event Trying To Get Home

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Nov 08 2008

    Northwest Airlines is seriously getting on my nerves. For the SECOND STRAIGHT time, I’ve had a flight delayed which has made me miss the connecting flig...
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  2. MassiveNYC Event The Massive After Party

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Nov 08 2008

    My feet were so sore and as much as I wanted to crash from the full day of work with the event, a group from Massive was headed to the 123 and I couldn’t...
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  3. MassiveNYC Event I’m a “Gaming Guru”

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Nov 08 2008

    I’ve always been a gamer, but when people consistently refer to our team as the Gaming Gurus, it’s pretty cool. Our three man team was the perfect amo...
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  4. MassiveNYC Event SHOWTIME

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Nov 08 2008

    Well, it’s the day after last night’s big event in New York City. As expected, the event rocked! With a full day of setup, we were able to get the ...
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  5. MassiveNYC Event Today's Setup

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Nov 05 2008

    Things are starting to come together here at the Hudson Terrace. We arrived at 10am today and although we've been jumping over a few hurdles here and ther...
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  6. MassiveNYC Event We're IN New York City

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Nov 04 2008

    We made it to the Big Apple today and although codeh4x0r is feeling a bit claustrophobic from all the commotion, it's exciting to finally get here and prep...
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  7. MassiveNYC Event Venue Change!

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Nov 02 2008

    We've been planning and working with a venue called Spotlight Live, for this Massive Inc. event in New York City and on Friday (10/31/08) we were informed ...
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  8. MassiveNYC Event Massive's Initial Song List Released

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Oct 30 2008

    In an effort to give the participating bands a chance to polish their skills, Massive released an initial song list of the titles that will be selected fro...
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