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  1. MassiveNYC Event Trying To Get Home

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Nov 08 2008

    Northwest Airlines is seriously getting on my nerves. For the SECOND STRAIGHT time, I’ve had a flight delayed which has made me miss the connecting flight into Des Moines!

    This second time was when Zach, Joe, and I were headed back from NYC on Thursday. Last time was technical error, but this time they claimed the delay on weather, which of course means that we’re responsible for paying the hotel bill and connecting new flights for the morning. I realize that weather is a good excuse, but when this happens two trips in a row, they really add up fast. Has anyone else experienced this nonsense from Northwest Airlines recently? I for one will not be flying with this company for some time.

    Anyways, we’re in our hotel, trying to get the Xbox 360 connected and bunkering down for one more night on the road. The event last night was amazing, but we’re ready to come home…

    Morning Update: So we had this unplanned stop in Detroit, but it’s all good. Last night we landed in an airport hotel and got to celebrate Joe’s 32nd birthday by jamming on some CoD4 (I won 6-3-3) and enjoying some wonderful vending machine items. Without much sleep, we were up and on the way to the airport again. On the way, I had a nice women ask if we were gamers, haha. The answer of course was yes, which lead to some great early-morning conversation about our recent event and GoG itself. I dropped her a GoG Skin for her son, who I’m sure will be joining us very soon. Our flight leaves at 8:45am today…Des Moines…here we come!

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    Posted On Nov 08 2008

    Yeah, I've experienced the same thing with these guys. Apparently, there were... last minute airplane modifications... that needed done, and a small delay of 15 minutes. Everyone (already at the gate, of course) seemed ok with this, but a little irritated. 34 minutes later, they report back saying that there are technical difficulties, and that they are trying to find a possible plane replacement. This time, everyone including myself was ticked, and made it well known with a loud simultaneous groan. another 28 minutes later, they found a flight. keep in mind we are in chicago o'hare (massive airport) and our current location is gate L5 (in concourse L: copy and paste link below in another tab)

    Our replacement flight was in Concourse C gate C22. Yeah. About that. And to make matters better - Apparently that plane leaves in 15 minutes. The distance between terminals is approx 1/2 mile. Keep in mid also that the airport was frikkin crowded. Luckly, we all got there, and we were exhausted. We all got ready to board, and were all asked to be seated, because the plane was not ready. You can guess how we all felt. about 16 minutes later, we were again re-routed to ANOTHER plane.This time to F6 Concourse F. We got back to Des moines at 11:49 P.M. Our scheduled time to arrive originally was 9:20 P.M. My ride home was sooo tired, that I actually drove home. Now That's a story. Smile