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    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Nov 08 2008

    Well, it’s the day after last night’s big event in New York City. As expected, the event rocked!

    With a full day of setup, we were able to get the venue in perfect condition for what would be a very intense battle between Plastic Rockstars. The MassiveNYC Event profile has all the photos that you’ll have to check out to see the setup and the evening’s activity. Guitar Hero: World Tour was the game we competed with and with the 1v1, single elimination format, every game counted.

    For difficulty, we chose to stick with the plan and set the lead and bass guitar on Hard and the new elements of the Guitar Hero series (vocal & drums) to Medium. Although we had a few bands fail out on their songs, it was the right choice because it meant you had to come into the event and have some skill to win the tournament. With very valuable prizes such as GH:WT games, a dinner with the Massive team, and the 1st place prize of a guitar signed by all members of Aerosmith at stake, the best, most exciting and deserving bands won the 1st-3rd prizes. We also completed the entire event in a perfect timeline and that also included a nice introduction, intermission, and a few spots for DJ Johnny Juice to spin some great beats.

    With tons of swag and costume options, the band members enjoyed the unique chance to dress up and rock out for a large crowd. I thought the agency bands from Zenith, Mediaedge, and Mediavest were the agencies that had the best outfits. The photos from the event will say it the best, but let’s just say that there were some awesome performances that gained some serious “Style Bonus”.

    Overall, the venue’s environment, open bar, and seamless tournament execution allowed for a great event. All the Massive representatives and agency attendees were commenting on how well the event went and the main contact from Massive commented to us that it was flawless performances. I can’t imagine a better time and the only thing that sucked, was that I could not enjoy this event myself! Zach, Joe, and I all did a great job and I have a feeling this won’t be the last time we hear from Massive and the big city…

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