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Team Foxy has 25 chronicles

  1. Team Foxy All you GOGers we need your help!!!!

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on May 16 2010

    One of Team Foxy leaders Dana (JforJade) needs your vote to be on WCG Ultimate Gamer 2. Help us out!!!!! You can vote every hour. Click this link to vo...
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  2. Team Foxy MLG

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on May 12 2010

    Who is going to the MLG combine Chicago and MLG Columbus ??? We would love to do a big GOG thing in Columbus...
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  3. Team Foxy Halo 3 tournament

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Mar 12 2010

    The next matches in our Halo 3 tournament will start Friday evening, March 12th and you will have until Sunday, March 14th at midnight to finish them. Good...
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  4. Team Foxy MW2

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Mar 01 2010

    PLAYDATE #3 Is coming up this Wednesday March 3rd 5-8pm PST 8-11pm EST. It will be on MW2. Send a XBL message to J for Jade, Biittersweet, Stiletto Kill, A...
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  5. Team Foxy Tourneys

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Feb 20 2010

    We want to wish everyone good luck going to The Iowa Pro Gaming Challenge !!! We wish we could be there!!!! We are hosting an online tourney. the winne...
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  6. Team Foxy MW2 and Halo 3 girls

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Feb 15 2010

    Team Foxy will be having their first tryout on Halo 3 in 4 months today Monday at 8:00pm eastern time! - message J for Jade on xbox live. We will also b...
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  7. Team Foxy Play Date #2

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Feb 03 2010

    hey guys and girls, The first play date went so well that we are doing a second one this Sunday the 7th at 8pm EST. The game will be Halo 3. If you ...
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  8. Team Foxy PlayDate/GameTime

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Jan 22 2010

    We will be having a MW2 play date on Sunday Jan 24th at 8pm eastern. We will be having 2 rooms, J for Jade will be hosting one and FoxyPrince55 will be hos...
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  9. Team Foxy CES 2010

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Jan 18 2010

    CES is the largest Consumer Electronic Show in the world. Team Foxy was lucky and got to attend the 2010 event. We had such a good time working and playing...
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  10. Team Foxy MW2 Girls Going to...

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Jan 01 2010

    Seattle, Washington in FEB!!!!!! We will be there for a tourney so we hope to see more people there! We will have video and lots of pictures when we get ba...
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  11. Team Foxy MLG ORLANDO

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Jan 01 2010

    Hope to see you all at MLG Orlando this month. keep watch for pictures!!!!...
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  12. Team Foxy Ben and GOG

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Dec 18 2009

    Hey GOG members, one of our team members did an interview with the owner of gog at Make sure to head over to it and leave him s...
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  13. Team Foxy MLG Anaheim....

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Nov 07 2009

    The first night at Anaheim was AMAZING We had 4 teams at the event total. Two got knocked out but two of our teams are still in the competition. We had a...
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  14. Team Foxy PAX

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Oct 31 2009

    The amazing PAX event is also going to be in Boston next year as well as Seattle.... YEAH!!!
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  15. Team Foxy MLG Anaheim

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Oct 16 2009

    We are very excited to go to MLG Anaheim! We hope that many of you are also going. Let us know if you plan on attending and we would love to say hello a...
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  16. Team Foxy bios on ggr

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Oct 16 2009 Gameinatrix has a long standing tradition of pa...
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  17. Team Foxy Rose checks out the new HeadPlay PCS Bundle!

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Oct 14 2009

    I’ve been keenly watching the progression of personal media technology for a while now. Every year or so, developers come up with “new and improved” ...
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  18. Team Foxy hey guys

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Oct 10 2009

    Make sure to check out our website @ Much Love to the GOG ...
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  19. Team Foxy Team Foxy Songs

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Oct 04 2009

    If you would like to hear some songs about Team Foxy please goto and
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  20. Team Foxy VGXPO and TEAM FOXY

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Sep 18 2009

    TEAM FOXY WILL BE AT VGXPO and we hope to see yall there. The GoG better be there, so here is the event's schedule... 10/09 doors open-2pm 10/09 open...
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  21. Team Foxy Hey Hey Gamers

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Jul 24 2009

    Hey guys, you all should check out LethalxPrincess and the other sennheiser girls as they travel the USA and Canada. Sennheiser makes great gaming headse...
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  22. Team Foxy Gaming Headsets

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Jun 24 2009

    Hey guys become a fan of the sennheiser sound tour!!! Show some support to the girls team! LethalxPrincess is on tour with them and we want your help to ...
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  23. Team Foxy Team Foxy Tryouts

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Jun 15 2009

    Since MLG Columbus is now over, we wanted to schedule tryouts for all the girls that were intrested in joining Team Foxy Gaming. ____________________ ...
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  24. Team Foxy Check this out!

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Feb 19 2009 Its our new sponsors press release www. xfuel4gamers. com Also, Check out our other sponsors at ...
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  25. Team Foxy Team Foxy and MLG

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Dec 08 2008

    As you all know, we are a team of the best female gamers. In 2008, we attended every MLG event, trying our best to be respected and known as the best all-f...
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Profile Comments

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    Posted On Apr 08 2010

    Hello! is working with CompuExperts to get our product out into the WORLD!!!! The contract has been signed-The Grip-iTs are MOVING!!!!!
    I am working on getting as many GOOD endorsements as possible. Will you endorse Grip-iT? We need STRONG product reviews from people who game and like Grip-iTs. Very Happy Thank you. Any help is GREAT!!!! Very Happy
    Posted On Apr 01 2010

    Hello, Grip-iT is working with Compuexperts to get out into the WORLD!!! They want as many endorsements as possible from awesome gamers such as your selves. Would you be willing to email me so I can give you some details?? Thank you.
    Very Happy kawika at
  3. T3chCat2 T3chCat2
    Posted On Mar 26 2010

    ive been dying for a team foxy tshirt
    were do i get one
  4. BEN BEN
    Posted On Mar 03 2010

    We'll be enjoying some MW2 and Halo 3 tonight at 7pm CST, as we rock a GoG Game Night and team up with Team Foxy for their Playdate #3. My GT is THE GoGfather, in case you want to join us.
    Posted On Dec 09 2009

    Hey girls! Keep doing what you do,great work! Good Luck at MLG Orlando! Hope to see a few of ya'll there!
  6. krazy army girl krazy army girl
    Posted On Oct 15 2009

    stopping by to say how much i love you girls!!! and the GOG
  7. BEN BEN
    Posted On Sep 19 2009

    To be honest, I'm not sure on the details or location of that event. I hear the TF crew is headed there...who are you representing or what's the agenda for attending?

    Either way, I'll look forward to highlights Very Happy
    Posted On Aug 12 2009

    Ehy Ninja , where you stay in Hawaii??
  9. ALostCauze ALostCauze
    Posted On Jul 09 2009

    yay team foxyyy :]] <3
  10. Swick Swick
    Posted On Jun 16 2009

    Team Foxy!!!! You ladies are amazing!! Could you do me a huge favor and vote for my team. Breaking the Silence... <3
  11. BEN BEN
    Posted On Jun 15 2009

    When do we get to see your MLG Columbus photos?! Let me know if you'd like to update the event profile and I can get you the login information Very Happy
  12. BEN BEN
    Posted On May 23 2009

    The All-Team Foxy GoGcast is NOW online!!!

    Go to the GoGcast Player page (link on the homepage) and enjoy the 30 minute show Very Happy
  13. BEN BEN
    Posted On May 20 2009


    Let's start talking about MLG Columbus and work to have this new website developed soon
  14. krazy army girl krazy army girl
    Posted On May 03 2009

    hey this is KNKY PRINCESS i will reg on here under that name as well, just waiting on the activation email for that accnt.
  15. iR butterfly iR butterfly
    Posted On Apr 27 2009

    you girls are great!
  16. iR butterfly iR butterfly
    Posted On Apr 27 2009

    you girls are great!
  17. BEN BEN
    Posted On Mar 23 2009

    Good luck in the new MLG Sponsorship Contest that went online this week Team Foxy!!! I'm sure I know how this group will be using each of their single votes Wink
  18. BEN BEN
    Posted On Mar 23 2009

    I'm pretty pumped about these Team Foxy console and controller skins we're revealing at MLG Meadowlands in a few weeks!
  19. v skuba steve v v skuba steve v
    Posted On Mar 17 2009

    hey i just want to say that what you girls do is so tight. you girls are pimps in my book for being in the xbox world. everyone thinks that is all dudes but then you babes show up and kick some ass vary nice keep doin what your doin i will allways be rooting for you lovely ladys!!
    much love Skuba Steve
  20. GirlWithGame GirlWithGame
    Posted On Feb 18 2009

    Haha <3

    Team Foxy Ftw <3
  21. curiousjoi curiousjoi
    Posted On Feb 11 2009

    Yay for team foxy!!!
  22. BEN BEN
    Posted On Feb 09 2009

    Wow, did you see all the Carolina Games Summit photos and event highlights today?! Check them out soon and be sure to support our friends by commenting on any/everything Very Happy
  23. BEN BEN
    Posted On Feb 03 2009

    Know anyone looking to propose anytime soon? This would be an awesome way to do it IN Guitar Hero: World Tour, on Valentine's Day! Check out the GoG Forum post for more details...

    This one's going to pass by fast, so we have to move. Let me know your thoughts...
  24. BEN BEN
    Posted On Jan 29 2009

    Last night's GoGcast is polished and online!

    A smaller file and streaming version will be available today or tomorrow, but you might want to grab this now, because it IS the best GoGcast to date Shocked

  25. ChescaDCsk8r ChescaDCsk8r
    Posted On Jan 03 2009

    Hey there Team Foxy Smile