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HaleyBaby x3
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  • Cell Phone
  • Game Boy Advance
  • GameCube
  • Nintendo 64
  • Nintendo DS
  • Nintendo Wii
  • PlayStation 2
  • PlayStation 3
  • Super NES
  • Xbox 360
  • Xbox 360 Elite


1.Halo Reach and Halo 3
2.Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2
3.Super Street Fighter IV
4. Soulcalibur IV

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  • Arcade
  • Dance
  • Fighting
  • Flight Simulation
  • Massively Multiplayer Online Games
  • Music
  • Pinball
  • Puzzle
  • Sports

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MLG Dallas 09

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HaleyBaby x3 has 2 chronicles

  1. HaleyBaby x3 I'm Back

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Jan 05 2012

    Wow, I haven't been on this website in a while, and a lot of things have change. I was known as HaleyBaby x3 back in the day, but now I am known as the on...
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  2. HaleyBaby x3 My beginning

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Jun 19 2010

    well let me just start of saying that im haley also known as haleybaby x3. My gaming career started when i went to a church tournament. They would have hal...
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  3. HaleyBaby x3

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Jan 10 2010

    Hates when you play the same halo odst mission for 3hours trying to get recon and then someone lags out and it end the game... Now we have to start at the...
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  1. BEN BEN
    Posted On Sep 20 2010

    Good to play with ya lately! Let's see you get this GoG profile updated my friend...
  2. lady smashley lady smashley
    Posted On Feb 09 2010

    Hey thanks! Yeah that sounds awesome we should play halo sometime soon! I will add ya on XBL Very Happy
  3. SweetIceCream SweetIceCream
    Posted On Jan 13 2010

    when ever dillon wants i dont have his number sooooooo
    Posted On Jan 13 2010

    I am WASHMYBR won't be on till like Monday Sad Going out of town!
    Posted On Jan 13 2010

    for sure,is it haleybaby x 3 still
    Posted On Jan 12 2010

    Lets play!!
  7. BEN BEN
    Posted On Jan 12 2010

    We're waiting to hear from a event developer that had a SF4 & UFC event at the location we're planning to host The Iowa Pro Gaming Challenge. They might get involved with running this fighting game's division and will have more insight on what title we should select.

    We're also trying to decide how best to weave in MW2, so that's why the full divisions have not been announced. Once full details, prize money, ect. are announced...I need you to seriously push people to travel and join us here in Des Moines, okay?
  8. SweetIceCream SweetIceCream
    Posted On Jan 10 2010

    yeah for sure if im off for sure
  9. SweetIceCream SweetIceCream
    Posted On Jan 10 2010

    thats the level you are in that clan but im not in a dillons clan anymore lol
  10. SweetIceCream SweetIceCream
    Posted On Jan 10 2010

    great now you can stay on top of the gameing world yeah buddy

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