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  1. HaleyBaby x3 My beginning

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Jun 19 2010

    well let me just start of saying that im haley also known as haleybaby x3. My gaming career started when i went to a church tournament. They would have halo 2 tournaments every month and i would have the best time. Unfort. i blew balls so bad that i never won any tournaments, i just played for fun. Well then i meet my boyfriend ,Dillon and he introduced me to mlg. Well i was so excited to be introduced to mlg and i just wanted to see what it was all about. So mlg 08 i went to Dallas to support Dillon and his team. Well alot of drama started and it wasnt a good year but the team did pretty well. Then from that year and on iv always wanted to start an all girl team. Since dillon and I couldnt work well on a team i made my own team that consisted of me, Kitkatattack, Amandapanda, and ClaireBearx3. We were called Slippery When Wet... the names terrible but who cares lol. Well we went and me and Dillon were not together at mlg 09. But i met some pros and semi pros and it was fun. Our team came around 100th so i mean we did pretty good my first year. Now after two months of not being with Dillon we got back together and couldnt be happier. Now mlg 10 is coming around and we decided that when i play competitve i become a jerk so now im coaching Dillon team which consist of me,dillon,twitchy iz mlg, Xiled, J 2tha Ordy. We are ready to embarress kids and if you are reading this...get ready because Physics will be there :p

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  1. CpE_Wahoo CpE_Wahoo
    Posted On Jun 19 2010

    Sounds good! You guys going to MLG Raleigh? I'm going to be there playing Smash, while my brother has a team for Halo 3. Good luck if you guys do!