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A lot.

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  • Action role-playing
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  • City-building Simulation
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  • Massively Multiplayer Online Games
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Borderlands: Claptrap Revolution
Record of Agarest War
Guitar Hero: Smash Hits

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Seripha has 10 chronicles

  1. Seripha The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Oct 21 2010

    Those of you who know me know that I am a tiny bit of an achievement whore. I love challenges, and I love to compete. Furthermore, having a numerical repre...
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  2. Seripha Apparently I Interrupted Her Knitting

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Aug 03 2009

    Yesterday, I spent the morning and part of the afternoon at RyuBlitz's place. Upon my departure, I asked if I could borrow his Rock Band drum kit and a few...
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  3. Seripha Just What the Doctor Ordered (Borderlands)

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Jul 28 2009

    Over the past couple weeks I have been increasingly perusing the growing amount of information about the upcoming game Borderlands. For those of you who ha...
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  4. Seripha Let Me Tell You How You Feel About This Game...

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Jul 23 2009

    I was just over in the forum commenting about how I had heard bad things about Transformers 2, and I realized that this constituted a new chronicle about r...
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  1. Dynafire Dynafire
    Posted On Oct 18 2010

    Wrote up a Halo Reach review for ya. Wink
  2. Dynafire Dynafire
    Posted On Jul 02 2010

    Perhaps it is time I start writing stuff again. Thanks for the positive feedback. Oh yeah, the Final Fantasy VII stream has begun, though it's not really a speed run anymore. I usually post something on Facebook when I start, but it doesn't look like you're on there. I can send you a text if you want to know when I'm starting, or just pop into the chat here - I'm there every day.

    Actually, I did just finish Two Worlds. I'll write something about that real quick. Spoiler alert: I didn't hate it. :O
  3. Dynafire Dynafire
    Posted On Jun 14 2010

    I had no idea you were in KC. :/ But yeah, Legaia II has a lot in common with the first game, including the music. The battle system is actually improved as well. Instead of gaining AP through getting damaged, as well as using spirit, you gain it through your basic arts moves. Super and Hyper Arts use AP. It works really well.

    Anyway, I've rambled on long enough. Take it easy, and I'll let you know when that speed run will happen. I'll probably do it without my mic plugged in so people can enjoy the game without me raging at losing to Demon Gate and Carry Armor. Those guys are retarded hard when you're under-leveled.
  4. BEN BEN
    Posted On Jun 13 2010

    Comment on hastro's acceptance speech Shocked
  5. Dynafire Dynafire
    Posted On Jun 10 2010

    Yeah, the first one must not have come through. Anyway, PQ2 is probably a pass. I thought the first one was alright, but it's not something I enjoyed all that much. The first 10 hours or so were great, but after that, it was just like, ugh. I've got lots on my plate at the moment too. I picked up a new elite since my first 360 konked out, so now I have ODST and Forza III to work on, plus Saints Row, Doom II, Duke Nukem 3D, and Worms 2. There is also going to be a Final Fantasy VII speed run once my streaming stuff gets here (left it at my parents before I moved which was super smart of me). So yeah, PQ2 will be put on the back burner. I'll likely grab it if it gets put on sale though.

    And yeah, Silent Bob will pass my TA score, and there's not much I can do about it. The sheer number of games he has is ridiculous. It's all good though, I stopped worrying so much about that stuff, and am starting to enjoy games much more. Legaia 2 is pretty good so far, I forgot to mention I started that too. And I need to find a job or something. :/ But anyway, how've you been doing?
  6. ZMaine ZMaine
    Posted On May 11 2010

    Good luck getting the 200.6% achievement in Castlevania.
  7. Dynafire Dynafire
    Posted On Mar 06 2010

    Hey, how's it goin? :P
  8. Dynafire Dynafire
    Posted On Oct 10 2009

    *Flexes to show off my new profile pic*
  9. Dynafire Dynafire
    Posted On Oct 06 2009

    Peggle is getting put on the backburner for a while. I just started playing Metal Gear Solid 4, and would like to finish it before my world gets consumed by the game we know as Borderlands. Nice job on the 48/55. I'm sure the remaining seven shouldn't be too difficult for you.

    As far as the stream, it's kind of random when I do it right now. It's never on Tuesday nights though, and usually not on weekends. With the podcast starting up as well, Wednesday nights will be cut somewhat short. If you want to know for sure when I'm casting, just head into the old mibbit chat and I can tell you. Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday seem to be the most common days I do it though.
  10. Dynafire Dynafire
    Posted On Oct 05 2009

    Only two weeks left! Are you ready to grind? Very Happy

    Also, I had a ton of challenge boards that I had cleared, but I guess it doesn't count or something. That kind of ticked me off, but anyway, I'm finding it very easy to clear boards now. It's just a matter of getting motivated to do it.

    And for the record, I beat the decathalon on the first try. :P You're still much better than I though. I'm just luckier, I suppose.

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