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Whether it's a website for your own company, ad space on The GoG, or video game related tournaments/events, reviews, photos, and videos...Jet Set Studio can help you connect with your market in ways you'd never imagine. Let us know if you have any ideas, comments, or questions and we'll look forward to working with you to accomplish your visibility goals...
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KidsFest 2008 has 4 chronicles

  1. KidsFest 2008 New Photos Online

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Mar 15 2008

    As we close the books on 2008's KidsFest, we've dropped in a final set of photos. Check those new shots out and we'll see you all this weekend at The GoG ...
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  2. KidsFest 2008 KidsFest's GH3 Tournament Winner

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Mar 10 2008

    Congratulations to Jack Lepic! This little dude took home 1st place in our single elimination Guitar Hero 3 tournament on Saturday afternoon at KidsFest 2...
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  3. KidsFest 2008 $14 Dollar Bucket of Cookies

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Mar 10 2008

    This Chronicle from KidsFest 2008, is to document the smell we had to deal with ALL weekend long at the GoG gaming area Since we were in the corner(wi...
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  4. KidsFest 2008 Free Game Giveaway - Winner Announced

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Mar 10 2008

    Over 50 people signed up to win Spiderman - Friend or Foe and we're happy to congratulate Stephen Miller for being selected as the winner! He's been not...
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  1. johnbiz10301 johnbiz10301
    Posted On Mar 24 2008

    good job jack keep rocking cant wait for the gh3 tourney maybe i can win med lol
  2. killerstorky666 killerstorky666
    Posted On Mar 13 2008

    100% made in scotland Smile lol