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Game Hardware:

  • Cell Phone
  • Game Boy
  • Game Boy Advance
  • GameCube
  • iPhone
  • Nintendo 64
  • Nintendo DS
  • Nintendo Wii
  • PC
  • PlayStation 2
  • PlayStation 3
  • PSP
  • Xbox 360
  • Xbox 360 Elite


FPS and anything that gets me easy achievements becuase I'm an achievement whore. You'll most likely catch me on CoD or GoW

Game Genres:

  • Action role-playing
  • Action-adventure
  • Arcade
  • Dance
  • First-person shooter
  • Music
  • Platform
  • Third-person shooter

Gamer Bio:

Wassup AC is here if ya can't pronouce Ayane. I love to play video games and basketball and artsy stuff and check out my youtube channel useername: TheGamersNextDoor

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  1. Kupo_Cakes Kupo_Cakes
    Posted On Aug 12 2009

    hey! i havent been on here in like a year really so thought id check out who ive missed lol. ur profile is pretty sweet and love the videos! what part of cali u in? following u on twitter! maybe we can get in some gears some time!
  2. LadyLiliBean LadyLiliBean
    Posted On Jul 16 2009

    What's up Ayane!!!!
  3. Kat Kat
    Posted On Jul 15 2009

    Thank you Ayane. :]
  4. BoogieBaby PMS BoogieBaby PMS
    Posted On Jul 08 2009

    Found ya! How's it going? I am still working my way around this site. maybe I should get around to introducing myself on the forums.
  5. BEN BEN
    Posted On Jul 08 2009

    That's what I like to hear and thanks!
  6. BEN BEN
    Posted On Jul 08 2009

    YOU MADE IT!!!


    Thanks for sticking with it and keep developing this profile of yours, as well as, introducing yourself in the GoG Forum Very Happy

    Spread the word and hopefully your friends won't have the verification game to play...

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