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TruthPastor GBG
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Gaming By Grace
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My name is Dan, but please call me Truth. There are several reasons behind the name Truth, one of which is the calling out in me that which is needed...truth. For many years of my life, I walked the hypocritcal walk of a Christian on the outside, but a liar on the inside. I deceived many people and hurt those I loved the most.

My gamertag is TruthPastor GBG and like the name implies, I am a Pastor and Overseer for It is an exciting time and I can see God's hand as He has prepared me for this assignment.

I have had more than my fair share of times where my flesh has won the battle and I have fallen into things that do not glorify the Lord. I have had my share of addictions and other things that took me away from God and into the lonely emptiness that follows. I have tried to find comfort and joy in the things of this world and found them to be empty as the scriptures warn. I now know that all I have is grace.

I am grateful to the Lord for allowing some great teachers to be in my life, including the two men who started GBG with me, Sneaks and N0 False G0ds. I am hungry for the things of the Lord and desire to see what God will do in others. He has created us with a destiny in mind and an identity that is in Christ. My focus when I teach is on identity and destiny and recoginzing that we are all part of the Kingdom of Heaven and that there are no paupers in that family.

I hope that helps you to know a little bit about myself and who I am called to be by the Holy Spirit. If you ever need to talk let me know and I will seek wisdom from the Holy Spirit to help you. If you want to talk privately, send me a pm (private message) and I will respond as soon as I can. I do not have all the answers, but I am in relationship with the One who does!

May God increase His favor and grace on all who read this...


TruthPastor GBG
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    I finished Bungie Day short by 16 to reach the 10,000 mark... The first game I played tonight I got... 16 ghost kills!!!!! Praise God for a great gam...
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  4. TruthPastor GBG 10,000 Kills in the Ghost on Bungie Day!

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Jul 08 2009

    I worked hard yesterday to play in 76 games and tried to make my 10,000th Ghost kill on Bungie Day, but as circumstances and maps would have it, I didn't m...
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  1. MacGrandma MacGrandma
    Posted On Jun 26 2009

    It is so nice to see you are now taping your Bible Studies! If I miss it I can attend in another way. If I see your room full. I know where I am in my faith. I will keep the room for others. The children of God are our future! Smile *HUGS* Thanks for posting your Bible Studies! Smile
  2. MacGrandma MacGrandma
    Posted On Jun 26 2009

    BEST BIG TEAM players I know! Smile *HUGS* Grandma

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