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    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Jun 24 2009

    Gosh im meeting lots of great gamers here!! I feel so welcome. I also want to thank everyone that is supporting us. We really appreciate it!

    Glad to see other female clans here w00t w00t female gamers FTW! Good luck to all (even the boys lol).

    Lastly, OMG MLG DALLAS BABY!!! im so excited that PMS has this opportunity c'mon people vote PMS HALO 3

    <3 Felisha [PMS UNFORGIVEN]

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Chronicle Comments

PMS_UNFORGIVEN has 4 comment s on this chronicle.

  1. PMS ElektraFox PMS ElektraFox
    Posted On Jul 29 2009

    i cant wait to see you in dallas!

  2. MacGrandma MacGrandma
    Posted On Jun 26 2009

    Yea Unforgiven it is great to see that PMS can find a way to get to MLG's! Woot Ladies FTW!! I am for all lady gamers! Smile Sorry though I voted for the other clan as they are awesome ladies and well you were not here yet when I voted. Next time I will vote for who ever looses between you two! Hope you do too! Smile *HUGS*

  3. MaTrIx MaTrIx
    Posted On Jun 24 2009

    I love this place too. Other sites the discussions get child like. We just get Glad to know everyone is helping feel...well everyone feel welcome.

  4. PMS_Solincia PMS_Solincia
    Posted On Jun 24 2009

    PMS Unforgiven says RAWR!!!!!!

    Ha ha !!

    We're all about supporting Female Gamers, and this site is GREAT for that!!

    We're happy to see all the wonderful people, and meet the gamers here. Thanks for showing us a warm welcome!!