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Halo 3, CoD4, BF2, Starcraft, Diablo, Warcraft 1&2, Battle toads, Sonic the hedgehog (all of them), Twisted metal 2 and black, Black, Ninja gaiden 1&2, Chronicles of Riddick, King of Fighters, Street fighter (all but 3 so far. Even puzzle fighter) KoToR 1&2, Mass Effect, SS Bros, the undeniable 007 Golden Eye, gauntlet legends, Ghost Recon 1&2 (not graw), and oh so much more.

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  • Fighting
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Ok, from the beginning. I'm a United States Marine Infantry Rifleman. I grew up gaming and continue to love it to this day. Currently on combat deployment to Iraq, I am stationed in California and my family lives in Iowa. Born and raised in Minnesota I played at local tournaments when Halo: Combat Evolved came on the gaming scene and have been playing Halo's and BF2 aggressivly since. If you wanna chat hit me up and I'll drop you a line when I can.

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    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Nov 07 2008

    Alright, alright, 3rd rate international actor. Jean-Claude Van Damme's been in some bad ones folks. In fact, a lot of super bad ones (Street fighter was t...
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  1. BEN BEN
    Posted On Dec 01 2008

    Congratulations. You've been promoted to Member in the GoG Clan!
  2. BEN BEN
    Posted On Nov 26 2008

    Have you seen Team Foxy's coverage of the MLG National Championships in Las Vegas?

    Be sure to check out all the sweet photos they posted in the MLG Vegas 08 profile and drop some comments so they know we appreciate their hard work!

    NOTE: There's a leaderboard banner around here, in case you need a quick guide to the profile Wink
  3. BEN BEN
    Posted On Nov 11 2008

    Hey there...I like to stop by and welcome everyone as they join us. Sorry it took me awhile to jump over here, but we were in NYC last week, running a GH:WT event...did you see the MassiveNYC Event profile here?

    Anyways...WELCOME TO THE GOG! haha. It's new members like you that make this place so cool, but we also need you to stay active, keep developing this gamer profile of yours, and experiment with all the tools and toys around this video game community!

    Let me know if you have any questions, great job in the forum already, make sure you're in a clan here, and let's put a game together soon...

    Shocked BEN Shocked
  4. Link Link
    Posted On Nov 08 2008

    Hey bud. You wanted more reviews? You got em. Check out my take on Gears 2 and Tom Clancy's End War -now posted Very Happy
  5. Fr3ak2 Fr3ak2
    Posted On Nov 07 2008

    wut up dude its been a wile im not on as much as i used to but i might be geting back into it. my tag is
    xFr3ak2 x
    Posted On Oct 30 2008

    My old gamertags were

    I've played under 743 more recently B13 is a thing of the past.

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