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E3 2008 has 10 chronicles

  1. E3 2008 THQ News @ E3 2008

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Jul 22 2008

    And now for one of the coolest connections The GoG made at E3! THQ has some pretty cool new games and some polished remakes coming in 2009. As with the other News Chronicles from E3 2008, I’ll go into each game’s details below…

    UFC Undisputed 2009
    This game means business. The UFC has had games made for it in the past, but now they’re getting serious and have taken development to the next level. UFC Undisputed 2009 is fully licensed and has the punching and kicking techniques you’d expect, graphics that will impress (30,000 polygons per fighter), and around 80 fighters you’ll recognize as a UFC fan…but the main element that will separate this game from the rest is the ground game you’re now able to experience first hand. This will not be a button mashing fighting game, so get ready to tune and polish your skills. THQ's UFC Undisputed 2009 gives you the game where you’re finally ready to do some serious grappling and battles on the mat and against the fence of the famous octagon!

    Omar (Lead Designer) and Tim Mulligan (Senior Global Brand Manager, UFC) took us on a very enjoyable tour of this exciting new game that will be available in Spring of 2009, for the Xbox 360 and PS3. Over 70 people have been developing this video game and after 3-4 years of work, they’re all excited to show you what a mixed martial art game can be!

    Now comes the best part! It’s not finalized at this time, but after a good discussion with the THQ development team, GoG may have an opportunity to have our logo on one (or more) of the fighter’s shorts within the actual game! If this happens, you all better plan to buy this game for sure.

    Saints Row 2
    The Executive Producer, Roje Smith, and the game’s Lead Designer, James Tsai, gave us a unique and first look at this game that I know a lot of you are waiting for. The development team has spent a lot of time on character polishing and you’re able to create the exact look you want your character to have. Females are also an option in this follow up title.

    Multiplayer is also very cool. You are able to keep your customized character and be within an online game, while not being restricted to your location in the world. Co-op campaign is also looks like a lot of fun.

    Not being a huge fan of this game and with no experience with the original Saints Row, this was a private demo that I may have not appreciated enough, but the game looks good and with a strong/violent prison themed world, you’re sure to enjoy some serious destruction in this game.

    De Blob
    This fun fight to save the world’s color is a unique game that had THQ being nominated by for “Best of E3”! Due out for the Nintendo Wii in the Fall of 2008, look for this fun little game to do well with the younger crowd, but to also amuse and be enjoyed by the older ones too!

    SmackDown vs. RAW
    After meeting the development team at the private after party, we were invited to a special showing of this game! Even though we were in the THQ private room the day before, this was not an invitation we wanted to pass up, so we jumped over to meet with Brian Williams (Creative & Project Manager), Cory Ledesma (Senior Creative Manager), and Dan (Wii Version Development Manager).
    As we walked into the private room, there was already someone in there playing the game with the development crew, but we jumped in and played this game with him as we casually got to know the game and the developers. Soon after the game started, The Miz from The Real World and WWE walked into the private room and enjoyed the game with us. Turns out, we were playing this new game with the current WWE Tag Team Champions, The Miz & John Morrison!!! I’m sorry, but that is totally BA.

    The WWE Superstars had to leave per their manager’s request, but we stayed in the room and learned more about this exciting new game that will be the 10th version of the game from THQ and is set to release for the PS2/PS3/Xbox 360/Wii in Fall 2008. With over 60 licensed wrestlers, new match formats like the “Inferno Match”, a redesigned Tag Team format, and an all new and very exciting Create-A-Finisher tool that allows you to give your wrestlers a special move to finish off your opponents…this game is going to be great for all the professional wrestling fans and people that may want to get into this exciting and intense society for the first time!

    Warhammer – Dawn of War II, Dark Siders – Wrath of War, and Legends of Wrestlemania were a few of the other highlighted games from THQ. We were not able to get to these, but all of THQ’s games look intense, fun, and very exciting so I see no reason why these wouldn’t be great as well.

    All and all, the THQ team was the most down to earth, friendly guys that we ran into. They had some great games being developed and attitudes to get you involved and appreciate their work at the same time. Of all the networking I was able to do at E3, this company had some of the most exciting opportunity. If that GoG logo within the UFC game works out or if you see us at Wrestlemania next year, I hope all of you pick these THQ games up to show your support Very Happy

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Chronicle Comments

E3 2008 has 10 comment s on this chronicle.

  1. ARob ARob
    Posted On Aug 04 2008

    De Blob looks like De Bomb!

    There I said it!

    Any more games for release on the Wii?

  2. dean5101 dean5101
    Posted On Aug 04 2008

    Sweet I've followed the UFC since the Royce Gracie days, can't wait fort htis game to come out!

  3. codeh4x0r codeh4x0r
    Posted On Jul 30 2008

    I was kinda on-the-fence about the UFC game, but if we have the GoG logo on there, it'll definately be a must have! Saints Row 2 I was on the fence about also, so I'll still have to rent it first. Getting to play a WWE game with some WWE performers would be ironically sweet - especially if you won! "Hello, world! I just beat the tag team champions of the world!" Wink I soooooo wish you would've got more info on Dawn of War 2. I'm a huge fan of that game and of Warhammer 40k in general (undecided about the Warhammer MMO that's coming out - it's not 40k Wink )

    I have to say, you lucked out severely by getting to go to E3, and I think the entire GoG will benefit from it. Very Happy

  4. JackDaniels624 JackDaniels624
    Posted On Jul 29 2008

    I've never really paid attention to UFC, but I know that my cousins a huge Chuck Lidell (sp?) fan, and I've always liked wrestling/fighting games. And hopefully the GoG logo is in the game. It'll help my crusade (not sure if that's really the best word, but it sounds cool) to really get the forums running! Also Saints Row 2 looks AWESOME!

  5. KSIFirstLady7 KSIFirstLady7
    Posted On Jul 29 2008

    I am a HUGE UFC fan and have been wondering for years now when a game would come out so i'm super excited to hear about it!

  6. KSI Wonder KSI Wonder
    Posted On Jul 29 2008

    yeah, id get the UFC game. i watch the fights when im at my cousins house. hes all into it hardcore (hat and shirt too). hes not much of a gamer.. but i think that game might get him hooked.

  7. blackdye blackdye
    Posted On Jul 29 2008

    ufc would be massive i love fighting games for sure and ufc would make for a goooood time Wink

  8. Dynafire Dynafire
    Posted On Jul 29 2008

    I've never really cared for fighting games, but UFC sounds like it'll be pretty impressive. THQ has had a ton of great games in the past that I've enjoyed, so I'm probably going to buy it. I can't wait to knee people in the face! (Please, oh please tell me that feature is in the game! Wink )

    I'm also looking forward to Saints Row 2. I really liked the first one, even though I didn't play too much of it.

  9. RyuBlitz RyuBlitz
    Posted On Jul 29 2008

    Man, UFC Undisputed 2009 sounds awesome! I'll be picking it up for sure. Thanks for the inside look!

  10. KSI Omega 7 KSI Omega 7
    Posted On Jul 29 2008

    i cant wate for the UFC Undisputed 2009 game to come out, it looks like it will be the best game so fare in that genra of games.
    Saints Row 2 is will ( if its posible ) be even crazer than the 1st game, witch is a good thing.

    De Blob is prolly the 2nd and last reason i needed to buy a wii ( the 1st being supper smash bros ) and i cant wate to see/read more about it Smile Ninja