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March Madness
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College Basketball

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  • Xbox 360


EA Sports NCAA March Madness 08

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  • Sports

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We saw some close games(and some blowouts), as we played out this exciting GoG March Madness Tournament. With FREE registration and some great prizes like a Xbox 360, the EA Sport March Madness game, and GoG Gear up for grabs, we had a great turnout and alot of college basketball action!

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March Madness has 2 chronicles

  1. March Madness Biggest Prize for Smallest Tournament

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Mar 25 2008

    I must say, it was cool that with an event of under 20 participants, we were still able to give away a brand new Xbox 360, EA Sports NCAA March Madness for...
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  2. March Madness March Madness Tournament Winners

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Mar 24 2008

    Congratulations to Alex Bulke and Jordan Crane, as they competed and won 1st & 2nd place in The GoG March Madness Xbox Tournament! As Georgetown(Alex) d...
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  1. Andy Andy
    Posted On Mar 26 2008

    Nice! To bad I couldn't be there for the entire event Sad

    Looking forward to Guitar Hero though Smile
  2. johnbiz10301 johnbiz10301
    Posted On Mar 25 2008

    lol max isnt my brother Laughing
  3. johnbiz10301 johnbiz10301
    Posted On Mar 24 2008

    congrats alex and good tourney and video cant wait to see the pics Very Happy
  4. ReKoiL ReKoiL
    Posted On Mar 22 2008

    Hey its Alex, Good Tournament and I love my new Xbox 360 Shocked

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