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    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Jan 23 2011

    Well it's like 4:46 a.m. here in Lincoln, Ne and I was napping through out the day so I'm not really tired at the moment. I came across this site because I'm a big time old school gamer (Super Nintendo) and thought it would be cool if I would get to know some other gamers like me. I am not a nerd but I do love Super Nintendo and PS3. If there are any Super Nintendo or other fans of games I would like to chat about games. The video I post is on a game called Super Ghouls N' Goblins for the Super Nintendo and it is a speed run through the game without dying by the author of the video and is truly amazing because this game in my opinion is the hardest game ever made. Later peeps.

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  1. BEN BEN
    Posted On Jan 23 2011

    Welcome to the GoG!

    Day or night, this is a neat place for gamers to connect and share their favorite games. You might want to jump over into the GoG Forum and check out the retro gaming discussions. Also, with you proximity to Des Moines, you might also want to check out The Iowa Pro Gaming Challenge. Very Happy