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  1. xPUNISHMENT47x 1st Exam Pass!!!

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Jun 07 2010

    WOOO!! I passed my first exam. It was theatre arts 1. We had to name a bunch of actors, scene types, different kinds of stages, stage curtains, and yada yada yada. After that, we had to write 2 essays, and act out a 5 minute long improv. lol, I had to break-up my friend and his girlfriend because my friend was cheating on her and in the scene I had "emotional feelings" for her lol. It was fun though; I dumped out all my study books and threw my xbox 360, a mini t.v., one controller, and Halo ODST into my bookbag. I got finished early so I owned on some firefight for a good 2 hours ^^.

    Aside from that, hope everyone else has had a great week so far and I hope to hear from you all. The XBL Gaming Broadcast is still on for Thursday. *I just need to hurry up and get more membership before it runs out*
    Tomorrow I will be adding people on Xbox Live, so if you get an invite from xPUNISHMENT47x... Please accept it, I am a friend, not some serial killer or whatever Very Happy

    Later guys! Ninja

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  1. BEN BEN
    Posted On Jun 08 2010

    Congrats and once I get my 360 back from Microsoft, I'll get you added as a friend for sure.!

  2. A-Thon X A-Thon X
    Posted On Jun 07 2010

    Coolness. I wouldnt aced that stuff all the way up till the improve. Yikes! Idk, when i have to go up in front of ppl i kinda switch into auto pilot as a defense mechanism. lolz But the anxiety would suck.

    Btw, your request has been accepted. Very Happy Ninja

  3. xKyriEx xKyriEx
    Posted On Jun 07 2010

    lawl.. You're totally a serial killer XD. Congrats honey. Now pass your English 2* exam.

    *means 3 XD