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  • Xbox 360


Halo 3 almost all the time. and a little bit of MW2 but im beginning to hate CoD...

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  • First-person shooter

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well my name is dougie. i play halo 3 alot i love the game. i have the divine gift of charisma and i love to make new friends and game with them also. i am joining this site to make new friends and hopefully find some people in my general area to maybe make a team with or just simply game. i despise immaturity. i like helping people level up in playlists it makes me feel happy cuz i did them a favor. i can be a casual gamer and just fool around in customs but most of the time i love to be competitve. im always laughing and smiling so, NO im not high or drunk or on drugs i just laugh alot lol Smile im very easy to get along with and very good at the games i play. a little random fact is that i am a firm believer in god and with god in my corner, no one can stand against me. anyway, if u wanna game with me hit me up im open to gaming with anybody. also i cant stand little boys of any age who feels its cool to talk sh1t against girl gamers and act like complete douches. they cant get them in real life so they turn into haterz. i was raised in a family where u respect women men. so try and give a little respect u might take the next step!!! what is that u might ask??!! an internet girlfriend! OMG! lol hhhah jk but im boucing like a check so get at me peeps open to any friend requests cuz like i said i get along with everybody and love makin new friends. peace easy

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