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  1. RxySurfChic VIBRAS Five.One Review

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Apr 18 2010

    I was introduced to the VIBRAS Five.One gaming headsets during the Iowa Pro Gaming Challenge. It was at this event that I was able to demo the headsets for the first time and talk to Todd, one of the representatives.

    The first thing I noticed when I opened the VIBRAS Five.One gaming headset, was that it was the only headset that has ever had the Xbox 360 logo on the box. Apparently, it is the only gaming headset to obtain a global license through Microsoft for the Xbox 360. That information alone prepared me for using a good quality headset.

    Hooking up the VIBRAS with my gaming setup was easy; the only thing that took the most time was adjusting the sound settings to my liking. One of the unique aspects of the VIBRAS is that you are able to adjust the bass, game, in-game voice, and center sounds individually. It allows you to do this through the Decoder box, which has an LCD screen to show you exactly what you have the settings at. However, one thing I didn’t like about the weight issue is where you adjust the sound for in-game and voice, is where you put the batteries. This makes one side of your head feel heavier, making it a bit awkward. In the original Microsoft headset, it seems that your friend’s voices are muffled and distorted, however with the VIBRAS every voice was crystal clear and sounded true.

    Using the VIBRAS Five.One headset while I played, I could actually hear the footsteps of other players’ attempting to sneak up on me, giving me adequate time to turn around and kill them before they were even aware that they had been caught. Being able to capitalize on the individuals without ‘Ninja Pro’ made me enjoy my weekend that much more.

    With most headphones, they lie directly over the ear, while the VIBRAS lay only on top of the ear, making it a tad uncomfortable. However, it’s not anything serious, it’s just personal preference. One last thing that I wish the VIBRAS did was find a way to allow you to wear them on your shoulders at events. While Astros allow you to wear their headset comfortably on your shoulders, VIBRAS lacks this. I feel that it would make it easier to take and wear during long days at competitions and events.

    Final Verdict:
    Overall, the VIBRAS Five.One gaming headsets are the most solid headsets I have seen on the market and I’ve really enjoyed getting the chance to finally try them out for myself. With a simplistic yet stylistic approach, along with the exceptional sound quality that comes with them – I would recommend you to try the VIBRAS Five.One gaming headsets out soon.

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Chronicle Comments

RxySurfChic has 2 comment s on this chronicle.

  1. Todd Todd
    Posted On May 03 2010

    Hi Anna-Maree!

    Thanks so much for this awesome review! It was very nice to meet you and the rest of the Saints. I look forward to staying in touch with you Smile

    Good luck in your gaming adventures!!!

  2. BEN BEN
    Posted On Apr 18 2010

    I enjoyed this product review. In fact, I used the SHARE tool and pushed it over to DIGG and Twitter Wink

    Overall, I think you on target with much of what you said about this new product. The Decoder Box gives you a lot of in-game sound options, but I think the player chat volume separation needs work. A better way to have them rest on your shoulders would be key for live events. I don't mind the on-ear design, although I agree that it can get a little uncomfortable after extended play. What did you think of the powerful bass and such a loud/clear sound experience?

    Thanks for taking the time to write such a nice review. I'm sure Todd from Track Scan and TIPGC will enjoy reading and also sharing this, so good work and continue to spread this around the web Very Happy