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  1. SweetIceCream WHAT UP BABY!

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Dec 06 2010

    Hey guys I know its been awhile, but I have some news! I quit the xbox for a few weeks and started playing Genesis AD a free online FPS. And I love it! I know dallas was a little while ago but I just uploaded the gog video check my page! Other than that its just been kinda boreing I have been working alot ALOT! lol And my and a local buddy Olby started a team were we play in a league at a local lan center were the league has a new game every thursday. Right now we are in first place so thats pretty cool since I dont really play alot of games! And Im looking foward to march for the gog pro challenge!!! If you guys want to keep up with me and what im about to do next hit my twitter up@ICECREAMfromGOG
    Alright guys and girls stay safe. PEACE!

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  1. Posted On Jan 30 2011

    hello Dear
    How are you today,i hope you are fine. my name is Sandra a single girl I saw your profile on( became interested in you,please contact me on my prevet email address( I Have something important to tell you. hope to hear from you soon Your.s in luv Sandra

  2. BEN BEN
    Posted On Dec 06 2010

    Good to hear from you. I'm off to go watch that video!