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NinjaBee is a leading developer of fun and innovative games for the PC, Xbox LIVE Arcade and Nintendo WiiWare. Our games include A Kingdom for Keflings, Boingz, Band of Bugs, Cloning Clyde, Outpost Kaloki X and Doritos Dash of Destruction.
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  1. cgs CGS Costume Contest and Bands

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Dec 15 2010

    The costume contest returns this year, so bring out your best video game costumes and wear them proudly. This event will be judged once more by the brilliant minds at Penny Dreadful Productions. Penny Dreadful Productions will be bringing with them their handmade creations for sale again at their booth so that attendees can get an intricate piece of wearable art.

    This year we’re also happy to announce two new bands to be performing in our auditorium for attendees. Bit Brigade features master gamer Noah McCarthy speed running through a game’s levels while the band plays a rock rendition of the game’s music as he traverses the levels. The other band we’re proud to announce is M.I.L.D., they’re musical style is based on old video games, soundtracks, anime, and former TV shows.

    About Penny Dreadful Productions
    Penny Dreadful Productions is an Atlanta based conceptual design and physical production company bringing the world's creative needs to life. PD Productions encompasses many disciplines of art all under one roof- including Conceptual Design, Special Makeup and Prosthetics, Specialty Props, Costumes and Specialty Costuming, Public Art and Display, and much more. Our work has been seen in major motion pictures, professional theaters, and purchased in private commissions. PD Productions uses the "Steampunk" aesthetic to show off their talents as artists, but has worked in almost all genres and styles.

    Turning your dreams into reality is our passion.

    For more information visit

    About Bit Brigade
    “The word “play” is probably an understatement- these guys shred through the games as expertly as the band wails on their instruments.” -Nintendo Power (6/06) When Bit Brigade rolls into town, the gamer elite hang up the controller for the evening and see a rock show. With unprecedented attention to detail and post-rock bombast, Bit Brigade meticulously replicates every musical cue, cutscene and boss battle in perfect syncronization with master gamer Noah McCarthy's inspiring speed-trial run of each level. Composed of members of roadwarrior (both stateside and abroad) mathrock bands Cinemechanica and We Versus The Shark, Bit Brigade elevates game music to its proper place in the foreground of epic technical rock and plays the games like they don't need the extra lives. Which, for the record, they don't.
    For more information visit

    About M.I.L.D.
    M.I.L.D was formed 2009 and their bond in music has grown ever since. With their label Combo Breaker Productions "Music Intellectually Lives Down" (M.I.L.D) a hip hop group whose musical style is based in old video game soundtracks, animes, and former TV shows. Rapper/Producer, MaNiC states "We do whatever the mind tells us if we feel it and can visualize it to a grand scale then we get it done hands down." Artist/Stylist, Double J.B. aka Swagswitcha is known for style, looks, and all around swag, "From head to toe if it don’t look good then we’re not wearing it." Artist/Producer, Space Colony’s vision is to let you know that changing the game is on his mind and from their point of view change is good. Singer/Rapper Salacious sings from her heart and says what she feels.

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