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North Carolina
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Game Hardware:

  • 3DO
  • Amiga
  • Atari 2600
  • Atari 5200
  • Atari 7800
  • Cell Phone
  • ColecoVision
  • GameCube
  • Intellivision
  • Jaguar
  • Magnavox Odyssey
  • Master System
  • Neo Geo
  • NES
  • Nintendo 64
  • Nintendo Wii
  • PC
  • PlayStation
  • PlayStation 2
  • PlayStation 3
  • PSP
  • Sega Dreamcast
  • Sega Genesis
  • Sega Saturn
  • Super NES
  • TurboGrafx-16
  • Xbox
  • Xbox 360
  • Xbox 360 Elite

Game Genres:

  • Action role-playing
  • Action-adventure
  • Arcade
  • City-building Simulation
  • Dance
  • Educational
  • Fighting
  • First-person shooter
  • Flight Simulation
  • Massively Multiplayer Online Games
  • Military Simulation
  • Music
  • Pinball
  • Platform
  • Puzzle
  • Space Simulation
  • Sports
  • Strategy
  • Tactical role-playing
  • Third-person shooter

Gamer Bio:

Carolina Games Summit is an event featuring both video game development sessions and highly competitive tournaments. Every year the organizers create an inviting atmosphere for both consumers and developers of video games. Hosted by Wayne Community College in Goldsboro, NC the event encourages career and educational exploration in an environment the entire family can enjoy. Attendees can discover all the opportunities the video game industry has to offer while interacting with gamers from all across the country.

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cgs has 28 chronicles

  1. cgs Carolina Games Summit to host Child's Play Benefit Tournament at East Coast Game Conference

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Apr 16 2013

    The Carolina Games Summit will host ShootMania Storm, Gears of War: Judgement, and Ghost Recon: Future Soldier benefit tournaments at the East Coast Game C...
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  2. cgs Lucas Gillispie To Speak At 2013 Carolina Games Summit

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Dec 06 2012

    Since its inception in 2006, the Carolina Games Summit has been the premiere gathering spot for the North Carolina video game community. Over 1,200 people ...
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  3. cgs Maxx Merch to Exhibit at the 2013 Carolina Games Summit

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Dec 06 2012

    With their launch in 2005 at SakuraCon in Seattle, WA, Maxx Merch has become one of the most popular product lines sold at conventions across America, with...
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  4. cgs Red Storm Sponsors Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Tournament

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Dec 06 2012

    The 8th Annual Carolina Games Summit will feature an official Ghost Recon: Future Soldier 4v4 tournament hosted by Red Storm Entertainment on Feb 2nd 2013....
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  1. BEN BEN
    Posted On Apr 14 2010

    I don't feel like we ever got any photo highlights from this year's event? Let's see them friends!
  2. BEN BEN
    Posted On Feb 06 2010

    With the big Carolina Games Summit event happening RIGHT NOW, I know I'm eager to hear/see highlights soon!

    Sorry once again Michael, for miscalculating the amount of lanyards we sent you, but I hope you were able to work things out. I'm sure the event is going great, so catch us up soon Shocked
  3. BEN BEN
    Posted On Jan 31 2010

    Let me know when you receive the 2010 lanyards for next weekend's event! We're excited to see and hear all the action from CGS 2010, here around the GoG community Very Happy
  4. TehBlackGamer TehBlackGamer
    Posted On Feb 10 2009

    I was in the SSBB tournament.
  5. Roback Roback
    Posted On Feb 10 2009

    The event was exciting! I wish I had a first place plaque...
  6. BEN BEN
    Posted On Feb 09 2009

    I'm totally watching you upload all these photos right now Shocked

    ...and loving it Very Happy
  7. BEN BEN
    Posted On Feb 08 2009

    Can't wait to see all the event's highlights right here on this GoG profile!

    Did everyone see LadyLiliBean's video? Hilarious (and painful) I must say Very Happy
  8. BEN BEN
    Posted On Jan 27 2009

    Let's see that GoG Flier posted in this photo gallery, so people can get a sneak peek at what they'll be receiving when they arrive to the event Very Happy
  9. BEN BEN
    Posted On Jan 15 2009

    I had to DIGG the awesome news coverage you guys have over on the Carolina Games Summit website! Here's the Digg link below...
  10. BEN BEN
    Posted On Jan 14 2009

    Let's see more photos from past events, especially as you gear up for the 2009 showing Very Happy

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