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Xbox 360 GT:
Gamer Type:
Clan Rank:

Game Hardware:

  • Atari 2600
  • Nintendo 64
  • PlayStation
  • PlayStation 2
  • Xbox 360


XboX 360:
Gears of War
Burnout Paradise
Madden 08
Lost Odyssey
Blue Dragon
Rainbow Six Vegas 2
Halo 3
Army of Two

On Reserve:
Fable 2
Gears of War 2
Star Wars
Prince of Persia
Beautiful Katamari
Orange Box

360 Wishlist:
Sol Calibur IV
Call of Duty IV (I have a thing for 4)
Battlefield Bad Company

Playstation 2:

GTA San Andreas
Shadow of the Colossus
DDR's...all of them
King Kong (Shhhh)
God of War 2
Valkery Profiles: Lenneth and Sulmaria
Shadow Hearts 1
Kingdom Hearts 1&2

World of Warcraft Burning Crusades
City of Villians

Game Genres:

  • Action role-playing
  • Action-adventure
  • Adult
  • Arcade
  • City-building Simulation
  • Dance
  • Educational
  • Fighting
  • First-person shooter
  • Flight Simulation
  • Massively Multiplayer Online Games
  • Military Simulation
  • Music
  • Pinball
  • Puzzle
  • Strategy
  • Tactical role-playing
  • Third-person shooter

Gamer Bio:

Hi there!! I'm Nikkii, a 21-year old instigator, gamer, cosplayer, and doer! I love cosplaying and it's ability to let you be creative with absolutely NO limitations, save the ones you set for yourself.

I'm considered the more "dainty" half of aka TopKats, a gaming, music, and fashion enthusiast group here in SLC, UT, that plans on hopefully being a sponser to many con-goers around the valley who may not get the opportunities to go do to lack of funding.

I have a beautiful baby boy, and a wonderful new family in the making, and thus, can be VERY busy at times so please forgive my lack in reply to messages, and what not.

Thank you for your support and I look forward to having many active friendships with like-minded individuals.

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Video Game Tournaments

Whether it's a website for your own company, ad space on The GoG, or video game related tournaments/events, reviews, photos, and videos...Jet Set Studio can help you connect with your market in ways you'd never imagine. Let us know if you have any ideas, comments, or questions and we'll look forward to working with you to accomplish your visibility goals...
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NekoNivi has 9 chronicles

  1. NekoNivi PLEASE!!! I needz your helps.

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Dec 30 2008

    Like to see in a game review, interactive, cosplaying, web-show website? I mean it seems true that EVERYTHING has been done, but there’s still somethi...
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  2. NekoNivi Owies...

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Dec 03 2008

    So I vanished from the face of the earth completely for a couple months there, and I totally am sorry about that regarding my help to BEN and EGSA. I ha...
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  3. NekoNivi I believe I can breath...

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Oct 02 2008

    Wow, I've been busy once again but thought I would check in! The photoshoot is finally done, along with a World of Warcraft Comission, and soon a Nabaru Co...
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  4. NekoNivi O-M-Gz I'm alive!

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Sep 16 2008

    For those who know I exsist and those who have missed me...I'm alive! Got my package from Ben and I'm ready to do some promoting! While I was sickly though...
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  1. BEN BEN
    Posted On Jun 14 2009

    Hi there, you still around here once in awhile? When can we get some more GoG modeling Shocked
  2. BEN BEN
    Posted On Feb 09 2009

    Wow, did you see all the Carolina Games Summit photos and event highlights today?! Check them out soon and be sure to support our friends by commenting on any/everything Very Happy
  3. BEN BEN
    Posted On Jan 09 2009

    GoGcast Episode 5 is online and I'd have to say, one of the best shows to date Very Happy

    Download it or listen to the Live Stream, then let's hear your thoughts in the GoG Forum
  4. BEN BEN
    Posted On Dec 12 2008

    Guess what's already online after just recording it tonight?!

    The file download is not the smoothest way of sharing our first GoG podcast I know, but we'll make it smoother very soon. Be sure to grab the file from the homepage for now though Very Happy
  5. BEN BEN
    Posted On Oct 11 2008

    Did you ever get that photo shoot done with the GoG Gear I sent ya a few weeks ago???
  6. BEN BEN
    Posted On Sep 29 2008

    Vote For GoG!
  7. BEN BEN
    Posted On Sep 21 2008

    So you got that shipment of GoG Gear, right? Let's see the photo shoot Very Happy
  8. DecipherOne DecipherOne
    Posted On Sep 16 2008

    Helloooo! Love your profile, very vivacious and the pics are great also. Glad to hear your spreading word of the GoG, what part of Utah are ya from?
  9. BEN BEN
    Posted On Aug 25 2008

    Aren't I a horrible welcoming committee?! Look how long it's taken for me to come over and welcome you here. Owell, better now than never, right? haha...WELCOME TO THE GOG!

    You've got the hard part done and you're profile is ready for fun now. Let's see you get all your gaming action represented here. Feel free to introduce yourself in the GoG Forum and also check out the GoG Tools for sure!

    Let us know if you have any questions and do me a favor...tell one person in real life or ten people online about this place and let's grow this video game community together! See you for GoG Game Night this week???

    Shocked BEN Shocked
  10. Egsa Egsa
    Posted On Aug 18 2008

    Hey, Hope you feel better Nivi!

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