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  1. MLG Dallas 2010 MLG Dallas 2010 - DAY 3

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Nov 14 2010

    Championship Sunday was even more epic than expected. Final matches within all the game divisions were a blast to watch, but the amazing stuff happened AFTER the day's tournaments came to a close.

    Final Boss would beat Status Quo in the finals for the 4v4 Halo 3 national championship, while other players and teams had varying amounts of success in each game division. I suppose I should share more about the tournament's results, but you can find that over in the GoG Forum. This DAY 3 highlighting Chronicle is to share what happened behind the scenes.

    As you've read from other day's recap articles here, the Jet Set Studio Hospitality Suite was hot all weekend long. Although Friday and Saturday night gatherings were great, Sunday turned out to be by far the best! SweetIceCream, you should have never left, haha. With the gaming pros getting done with "work", Sunday is a time where our friends who signed autographs all weekend, can let loose and celebrate the event together.

    After the champions were crowned, Im Marksman went to dinner with team Carbon. Walshy was hovering between our table, the Instinct table, the Final Boss table, and the Red Bull / Status Quo table, as it seemed everyone chose to eat at the Hilton's Media restaurant. Im Marksm and I enjoyed a delicious steak, as we talked gaming with SK, Chig, and Soldier187.

    After dinner surrounded by MLG pros, we met ElamiteWarrior, JessicaMonda, TDBeSMaN, and others up to the JSS suite. I had invited numerous other pro gamers and soon the suite was poppin' with literally everyone who had played on Main Stage all weekend! Almost every pro Halo 3 player you can imagine was enjoying the JSS/GoG suite and celebrating the Final Boss victory. In fact, one of my favorite memories was sharing a bottle of champagne with all of Final Boss. OGRE 2 had set records all season long, so to teach him how to pop the cork and make a sound that only means "party", was something I won't forget. That $100,000 cork photo, which represents this Chronicle, is what blasted out of the champagne bottle, after OGRE 2 shook it up and got the party started!

    I got to share the toast with all of Final Boss, who had just won $100,000!

    Event MVP, iGotUrPisto1a, was showcasing some Halo Reach skills, but soon the party called for a switch to the electoronic sounds of David Guetta. iGotUrPisto1a, Totz, and FearItself got to dancing, while the packed room continued to enjoy this party full of people that drive MLG. Pro players from every one of the top 8 team in the Halo 3 division were at this gathering, which made it an awesome opportunity to share more about the GoG, as well as, The Iowa Pro Gaming Challenge!

    Elamite Warrior, Totz, Strongside, and GH057ayame all shared their interest in joining us for TIPGC, so hopefully we'll have some neat pro player exhibitions in Des Moines next March Shocked

    The room was packed for almost 2 hours, before it was time to head down to the bar and continue Sunday night's festivities. I'll skip highlights from the bar's shenanigans, but let's just say the party continued. Towey, I'm glad you didn't break my leg when you crashed at the Ghost bar, lol.

    As 2:00am rolled around, I met a few others back in the JSS suite. I got this profile updated with all the pro party photos, then was called by hastr0 and Fwiz (MW2 & now BlackOps commentators) about extending the evening. They both came up to the room for awhile, before we all headed outside to finish the evening. My night came to an appropriate finish, as I sat in a circle and talked to Nexy and other top MLG executives. The discussion was so interesting to listen to, but soon it was time to call it quits. 5:00am came around and one of the best gatherings in GoG histroy had come to end.

    NOW...I know why they call it CHAMPIONSHIP SUNDAY.

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  1. MLG Dallas 2010 MLG Dallas 2010
    Posted On Nov 14 2010

    I agree, it was definitely sick. I'm trying to convince Ben to coming to all of the events in '11 and hold a big party Sunday night.

  2. BesT MaN BesT MaN
    Posted On Nov 14 2010

    there needs to be more rooms like that sunday night!