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  1. MLG Dallas 2010 MLG Dallas 2010 - DAY 2

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Nov 07 2010

    Day 2 of MLG Dallas 2010 was full of fun, excitement, a few disappointments, and of course, more partying with gaming friends from around the country.

    My traveling mate for the event, Im Marksman, was eliminated on Saturday, but their team did well and finished Top 32. The team that handed them their second lose was a team that had won numerous combine events since Halo Reach was released, so at least they lost to a very good squad. So that's where the disappointment ends, haha

    Along with watching the pro Halo 3 brackets start to take shape, we continued to watch and enjoy a lot of competitive gaming on Day 2. The long night had me pretty tired, but we forged on into the afternoon and evening.

    As expected, people started showing up to Room 2372 for the LAN party in our JSS Hospitality Suite. It wasn't the turnout I expected, but we still had fun before a few of us headed down to the hotel's hotspot, Media Lounge.

    Things got interesting down there, as I finally met Sam from Red Bull and enjoyed drinks with him, Walshy, and Hastro. Vivi was also there, so it was fun to continue talking about Focus Fire and The Iowa Pro Gaming Challenge. Along with those good folks, I caught up with MLG's co-founder, Mike Sepso, as well as our new friends from Gunnar. Drink were $9 each, but it was fun to be down there with all these professionals.

    It was over drinks, so it's not official or anything, but Gunnar seems to be on board with a sponsorship for TIPGC 2011. Gunnar, Astro, and Red Bull are my target conversations this weekend, so I was glad that Gunnar and my new friends Michael and Rishi are so cool. I still need to talk more with Red Bull and Astro, but I hope they'll be up at this party tonight.

    Anyways, 2am rolled around and a few of us came back to Room 2372. It was quiet when we arrived so most scattered. SweetIceCream and I stayed up and had some good conversation about this community and our company, while Im Marksman crashed.

    Day 2 was good stuff and I'm very tired, but I must find my reserve energy. The 2010 (and last) Halo 3 national champion will be named today and I want to make tonight the best yet. I've been talking to pros and industry friends about tonight being just for us, so I really hope we have a lot of neat faces in the JSS Hospitality Suite. Time will tell...then I'll share Wink


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