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  1. MLG Dallas 2010 MLG Dallas 2010 - DAY 1

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Nov 06 2010

    After we successfully brought that special mini-Ciroc down to Dallas, Im Marksman and I were greeted by SweetIceCream and HURLEYX3R0.

    From the Dallas airport, we cruised towards the Hilton Anatole, home of MLG Dallas 2010.

    By arriving a few hours before the event began at 5pm, we were able to start organizing the JSS Hospitality Suite. We got 4 gaming stations setup and a few teams were able to warm up in this 23rd floor suite that has an epic view of downtown Dallas, Texas. We soon cruised down to check out the venue.

    As always, the MLG experience was awesome and everyone began to get excited. I'll let the others share details about how their teams did, but after the afternoon and evening of gaming and catching up with tons of gaming friends, we went searching for drinks to supply party central - Room 2372 Wink

    After we realized that the silly state of Texas doesn't allow liquor to be sold after 9pm, we had to settle for a bunch of beer. We chose to walk and find a store, which was a bad idea, but we made it work. Soon we had people showing up to play in the JSS suite.

    Four more friends brought their gaming equipment up to Room 2372, so we ended up with 8 plus the 50" for music. This was a gaming party, "Fueled by GoG" for sure.

    One of the most amazing things that happened had nothing to do with gaming. Im Marksman's two teammates from Toronto, are both record holders for Rubik's Cube?! They were sharing their unique skills with the party people and I was most impressed when LimeBack completed the cube in 48 second...BLINDFOLDED! Look for the video soon.

    We had around 50-60 people flow through the room throughout the night, while the best folks waited until 2am to arrive. Final Boss coach, Mazsik, stopped by, as well as a few guys from Gunnar Optics and our good friend Hastro. iGotUrPistola was about to swing up, but it was getting pretty late. Anyways, Im Marksman, SweetIceCream, and I sat around and enjoyed some final conversations with these guys before the party died, around 3:30am. We turned things down, enjoyed the night's downtown Dallas skyline, and called it quits at 4am. I have the tweets to prove it, haha


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