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  1. xPUNISHMENT47x Exams

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Jun 06 2010

    Starting tomorrow, monday, I have exams all through thursday. Sad Not good. This comes down to whether I graduate or not next year. My sophmore year I really screwed up and skipped a load of days and decided homework was just a sham. Now I realize I have barely have any room for failing classes. If I don't pass these exams, I can kiss my graduating class goodbye because I won't be able to walk with them; I'll have to stay an extra year.... This summer I will already be making up an extra credit in Video Editing which is a movie producing class. *I ace at making movies by the way Wink *

    So please, everyone wish me the best of luck. I don't want to repeat an entire year because of failing, it will kill me inside... FOREVER!! Shocked

    That was a bit too dramatic but oh well. I will post later. Chow guys.

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  1. A-Thon X A-Thon X
    Posted On Jun 07 2010

    Been there. Every semester regardless of how hard i try to avoid it, i get to this point where i think i can catch up on my work by just skipping a few classes and it NEVER works. Hope all goes well for ya, dood.

    But hey, if your good at making video's maybe make a how to about it, cuz i've been wanting to do that for awhile now but don't know how. Do you know how to make one of those animations using two or more pics? Cuz i wanna do that to.