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  1. KidsFest 2010 KidsFest Day 3

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Mar 10 2010

    It was Sunday and the last day of Children & Families of Iowa's Kidsfest 2010. RyuBlitz, johnbiz10301, I Am Marksman, and BEN enjoyed this final day of gaming fun at this family fun event.

    With such a long weekend, we really just sat back and enjoyed the day of kids and our gaming area. BEN focused on organizing the highlight video from the weekend, while the rest of the GoG crew helped kids enjoy all the different gaming stations and even a little gaming of their own.

    It was amazing to see Mario, Luigi, and Toad, as they had a long weekend being highlighted, enjoyed, and killed...over and over again Laughing

    Overall, this was the best Kidsfest we've ever managed. The space was perfect, the gaming stations were clean/efficient, the GoG team was fun, and the overall event was more experienced and relaxed than in year's past.

    We finished the weekend with a private 4-person MW2 LAN. RyuBlitz and BEN got destroyed by I Am Marksman and johnbiz10301. As all the rest of the people left the venue, this was an odd little LAN. It had to be the smallest LAN in the largest venue, in all of gaming history, lol!

    Thanks again to all of the GoG members that helped out and enjoy the photos/videos that we've organized on this official event profile for KidsFest 2010! We'll see you next year kids Very Happy

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  1. johnbiz10301 johnbiz10301
    Posted On Mar 10 2010


  2. Im Marksman Im Marksman
    Posted On Mar 10 2010

    Marksman & JohnBiz for life!