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  1. KidsFest 2010 KidsFest Day 1

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Mar 06 2010

    KidsFest day 1 is in the books! Today was a nice 4 hour warm up for the day we have tomorrow.

    There was a lot of great gaming going around, Super Mario Bros. on the big screen projector at the front of our booth was a big attraction. We, along with kids from all the city of Des Moines were able to get through the first two levels and were hoping to continue the Italian plumber domination tomorrow.

    We also had NCAA Basketball going which was a big hit as well. We had a little scare when we couldn't figure out why the shooting wouldn't work. Someone so kindly jammed the L2 button, but we got that fixed and people continued to battle it out.

    Gran Turismo was an interesting game to watch. Most of the time people were driving the wrong way or crashing into the walls!

    There was also a few Xbox Live Arcade games. We had Pacman, Splosion Man, and Castle Crashers. The younger kids attending the event really enjoyed these games, the combination of the simple gameplay and the colorful graphics made it great for people to enjoy.

    Tommorow is Saturday, the longest day of this weekend of gaming!

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