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Whether it's a website for your own company, ad space on The GoG, or video game related tournaments/events, reviews, photos, and videos...Jet Set Studio can help you connect with your market in ways you'd never imagine. Let us know if you have any ideas, comments, or questions and we'll look forward to working with you to accomplish your visibility goals...
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  1. A-Thon X A-Thon X
    Posted On Oct 28 2010

    Gratz on the spotlight! Please direct your forthcoming the Member spotlight thread in the forums. Thank ye. Very Happy Ninja
  2. BEN BEN
    Posted On Oct 27 2010

    Also, are you bringing any 22" televisions and Xbox 360's? We're trying to get the 4 gaming stations LAN setup in the JSS/GoG room again Ninja
  3. BEN BEN
    Posted On Oct 27 2010

    I hear a video acceptance speech is coming?!
    Posted On Oct 25 2010

    Woooo speech....where do I post it?
  5. BEN BEN
    Posted On Oct 23 2010

    Congratulations on being this week's GoG Spotlighted Member! You know what that means...SPEEEECH!
    Posted On Dec 07 2009

    you play halo?
  7. MLG Dallas 09 MLG Dallas 09
    Posted On Aug 31 2009

    We can't wait for miselj's dance video to drop!!!