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Co2 PoWeReD
march 16 2009
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anything and everything

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Here is a run down of how the squad works

There is the Elite Squad members, there will be 6 eventually, and then regular members. The Elite Squad will play together and represent the squad with the clan tag [ECo2]. Regular members will use the clan tag [Co2] The E in the Elite Squad tag stands for elite. The Elite Squad leads the clan and 1-2 of the soon to be members and me will be the leaders of the whole squad. The way you get into the Elite Squad is either do good enough to get in, or be selected by the leaders.

This should be a pretty decent clan I feel, the Elite Squad anyways.

Clan Bio:

[ECo2] lilbiz73

Elite Squad Members (all credit to GoG for name)
[ECo2] lilbiz73

[ECo2] lilbiz73

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  1. Overlord Elite Squad

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