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  1. Ryan M. Eft Greatest Heroes: The Close but no Cigar List

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Nov 16 2009

    So, the first installment of the big End of the Decade series is up. Greatest Heroes of the decade. How do you pick something like that?

    With very little sleep, as it turns out. And a lot of good-but-ultimately-rejected choices.

    So what if the list had had a few more slots? Who might have gotten in?

    Here are a few who almost made it, and the reasons why they didn't.

    Kaim (Lost Odyssey)
    Enough RPG characters already

    Dad (Fallout 3)
    A tough choice between Liam Neeson and the disc jockey, but tunes won out.

    Gordan Freeman (Half-Life series)
    Despite being one of the few butt-kickin' nerds in gaming, he ultimately was out-voted in favor of Dom and Master Chief.

    The Marios of their generation were narrowly edged out.

    Sergeant Johnson
    Ultimately, the symbolism helped Master Chief edge out his buddy.

    And of course, no one not created in 2000 or later was included. Sorry, Snake!

    Hope everyone enjoys the column, and let's hear some debate!

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  1. johnbiz10301 johnbiz10301
    Posted On Nov 16 2009

    I didn't even think about Jak and Ratchet