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  1. BasketBabe Fatalt1y vs BasketBabe

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Jun 08 2009

    BasketBabe vs. Fatalt1y
    On June 3, 2009 at E3 in the south hall at the LA convention center. Fatalt1y or Jon, 12 time champion of PC gaming, was taking challenges to anyone who was able to kill him at least once. If you were to succeed, then you would win a prize. I know Jon personally, he is a really good friend of mine. We attend the Spike TV Video Games awards of 2008. He asked me if I wanted to play him and I was extremely nervous about playing him. Even though I know in person, I just know how good he really is at what he does. But I accepted the challenge, Jon showed me how to play the game. He showed me what buttons move me right, left, forward, and backwards, and also how to move around the map. So we started the match, I was very entertaining to watch me get destroyed by Jon. With Jon being a really good friend of mine, he was giving me chances to try and kill him, but I failed to kill him. He would make circles around me, trying to tease me, but it was so funny to watch me making circles to try and kill him. I know I was making him laugh and I was having a blast playing too. After the game was over the finally score was -4 to 9 ( I fell off the map a few times haha). We gave each other a hugged and just laughed about it. His company did give me a shirt for at least trying to play against him. Let me tell you that game isn’t easy at all. Jon knows what he doing and is extremely good and what he does. Jon is definitely one the top gamers to look up to. He is humble, caring, thoughtful, and all around a funny, smart, and amazing guy.

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  1. E3 2009 E3 2009
    Posted On Jun 09 2009

    What a great time and Quake was the game Very Happy

  2. JackDaniels624 JackDaniels624
    Posted On Jun 09 2009

    What game was it?