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  1. E3 2008 Ubisoft News @ E3 2008

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Jul 20 2008

    As one of my personal favorite video game development companies, this was a private room that we spent a lot of time in. They were highlighting a bunch of awesome looking games that really spanned across the board for all types of gamers. Each game had its own area within the company’s room and below I’ve got some information, news, and opinions for all of them…

    Prince of Persia
    With the previous three game series being over, this is a brand new game. The Lead Level Designer, Michael Mcintyr, mentioned the idea of this being the first of a whole new trilogy, so watch out for that and you heard it here first!

    Due out this holiday season, this Prince of Persia is set in a world where an evil god has corrupted the land and our hero is fighting to eliminate the corruption. This corruption manifests itself through a black tar-looking material throughout the game, so watch out for that fatal material for sure.

    This game will have similar action/puzzle ratios as past games and after over 2 years of development, this new Prince of Persia will be available to PS3, Xbox 360, and PC (which looks the best graphically).

    The game play of the new Prince of Persia is high flying and very ninja/rock climber-like. You’re rarely standing on solid ground, haha, but with the help of your partner Elika, a female character who you do not control directly, but helps you fight enemies and solve puzzles, you’ll really enjoy the open worlds of this game and it looks great graphically. Prince of Persia is going with a new and edgy art style, as well as, a brand new fighting mechanic that you’re sure to love!

    NOTE: I saw an odd similarity between the comic book-like character design in this game and in Champion’s Online!

    Far Cry 2
    One word…FIRE!

    Far Cry 2 is coming and instead of an island, we’re going to Africa in this sequel from the wide open world of FPS action and stealth, to fight against a two timing arms dealer. We talked with Guillaume Frenchetta (pictured with BEN), who is the Lead AI Developer for Far Cry 2. He showed us a 2 month old demo level within the game and it really looked like a lot of fun.

    Guillaume shared and showed us how the AI characters were not scripted and continuously dynamic as you play the game. He also introduced us to the highlight technology for the game, Fire Propagation. This feature allows fire to act as it would in real life, taking things out as it literally spreads throughout a camp. It was amazing to see the fire react and spread based on the wind, moisture in the area, and what it was burning or exploding! If there’s just one thing you should look for in this game, it’s the pyrotechnics you’re able to enjoy. Weapon degeneration and maintenance is also a unique, but cool feature within Far Cry 2 and being stealthy is key to a well planned and thought out mission.

    With an expected 50 hours of game play and a map that takes 30 minutes to run end to end within, you’re sure to get a lot of action from this game due out this Fall 2008, for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC (which looks the best graphically). The team has been developing for over 3 years and with 175 people on the development team, I think you can see that Ubisoft means business with this project!

    Shaun White Snowboarding
    The Ubisoft team split into two separate groups and developed two completely different games. Working closely with Shaun White himself (who was at E3 I believe), Ubisoft wanted to develop a video game that keyed into the essence of snowboarding and with two very different experiences, did pretty well!

    Trent Ward (Creative Director) and Antoine (Producer) were behind the development for the Wii and the Wii Fit board version. We took our photo with these guys as well and they were excited to show us the super interactive version of Shaun White Snowboarding.

    The Wii Fit board is an obvious choice for a snowboarding game and as hard as it was the first time, I can see how this would be a must buy for the true snowboarding enthusiasts! Carving, riding rails, and big air tricks are all a part of this game. You know a snowboarding game is fun when simple carving is challenging and fun! The moment I get a Wii Fit board, this game will be added to my collection.

    Darryl Long, Lead Programmer for the Xbox 360/PS3/PC versions, took us on a tour of the more technical, but not as interactive version of this game. It too had some exciting snowboarding action that focused more on the analog stick than button combinations. 120 or more people were involved with the development of this version of the game and it shows.

    With four different mountains (that are around 4 square miles each) to thrash, you’re sure to enjoy this game and the unique, but fundamentally sound snowboarding simulation.

    Both games were great and as a snowboarder myself, I have to give these guys some serious credit on the way they approached the two different games and nailed many elements of snowboarding at the same time.

    Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X.
    Ace Combat has nothing on this game, haha. This fighter jet game looks beautiful and with some cool camera tricks, H.A.W.X. is a fun and easy to pick up game. The Frag Dolls were sharing this game in the main pavilion and with the title to be released this Fall 2008, look for this game to attract even more attention than it got at E3.

    Tom Clancy’s End War
    Similar to Halo Wars, maybe, but this strategy game relies on a more hardcore military approach to the game play and one thing that separates it from others, is the voice commands you’re able to use.

    As Audry Leprince (Producer) shared with us, this game is set in a World War 3 atmosphere and portrays the struggle between the US, Europe, and Russia. Although this is a strategy, big combat type of video game for the Xbox 360 and PS3, there is an RPG element with character development which is nice.

    The voice command element is pretty cool, because it recognized 5-8 different languages and you use it for camera and controlling functionality. You could literally play this entire game with your microphone!

    There are four types of missions which include Conquest, Assault, Siege, and Rade. With four player co-op and online capabilities, this game that has been in development for over 3 years, will be released mid-October of 2008.

    Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway
    David, the owner of Gearbox Software, showed us their squad-based WWII shooter. This game is powered by the Unreal Engine 3 and has a redesigned online structure, but I cannot recommend this game as it reminded me of a Call of Duty 2 type of game. It was highlighted by the Frag Dolls in the main pavilion as well, so it got some good face time, but I do not see this game attracting too much attention.

    Ubisoft also had a separate room for more casual and kid friendlier games. Rayman Raving Rabbids 3, Petz, and many other DS games were highlighted. I had an appointment to see that area, but I was in this main Ubisoft private room too long and missed that time slot.

    Overall, Ubisoft has a lot coming and each game has a lot of potential. They really treated us well in the private rooms and Dave from Gearbox was the guy who got us into the private after party, which I have a separate Chronicle coming for, so I’ve got to give a lot of props to this company for sure!

    Did I mention that I met the president of Ubisoft? Mr. Laurent Detoc was at this same after party I mentioned above, but I’ll talk more about that in the specific Chronicle to come…

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