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MLG Sponsorship Contest Information

Are you wondering what this recently announced, "MLG Sponsorship Contest - Round 3" is all about?

We are proud and excited to announce another real opportunity for YOU and your MLG team. Round 3 of our MLG Sponsorship Contest – Fueled by, is your chance to be sponsored for the upcoming 2009 Major League Gaming event in Anaheim! We’ve heard all your requests for this type of support and this contest is your chance to receive the sponsorship that you’ve always wanted.

Team Foxy won the first MLG Sponsorship Contest and rocked MLG Columbus with this community's support. They won with 150 votes and as winners of the first contest, cannot win again this season. PMS Clan Halo 3 took home the second contest and we enjoyed spending MLG Dallas with the exciting female team who gathered an amazing 1,658 votes and continue to stay active within our video game community. This means that the contest is wide open for YOUR team to earn this unique opportunity.

As you will see, in each of our individual gamer profiles (once you’ve become a GoG member of course), you have the chance to submit a single vote for who you think should receive this unique support from our video game community. The idea is to not only get your team on the ballot and vote for your team to win, but also to get your friends joining us, staying active, and also supporting your cause by voting for your team as well!

Interested teams must contact BEN in order to be added to the contest’s all-new ballot, so contact him today and get added to the teams that could win this exciting MLG Sponsorship Contest. See you in Anaheim folks!

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If you haven’t joined us, SIGN UP today, get your account verified by email, and submit your vote right now.