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  1. BEN Video Gaming Covered on ESPN

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Jan 28 2008

    Alright, since I was little, the name associated with sports news was always ESPN. Of course the major networks have the big time games, but you can always get your sports fill, over on this cable channel, owned by Disney. ESPN even has like hundreds of spin off ESPN Channels, so when does ESPN Gaming go live?

    I feel like we're at the helm of a major movement in gaming, because even ESPN seems behind and looking for answers on how to bring this phenomenon into the mainstream. It seems as though they've connected with large gaming companies like and Major League Gaming to help bring their communities into the new coverage opportunity ESPN wants to offer.

    I found the ESPN site today, so here it is:

    After browsing through this site for just a few minutes, I can already see this industry being affected by this development! Wouldn't it be great to connect The GoG with ESPN? It's a long time away, but let's not count it out Ninja

    If video games is a professional sport, when do you think we'll get paid $20 Million dollars per year, like some of the other big time athletes???

    ::Raise Glasses In The Air::
    "Here's to the video games we've always loved, now being recognized by the people who decide what's news and entertainment in sports around the world."

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