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  1. GoG 5,000 Party GoG 5,000 - Photos ALL Online

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Jan 17 2010

    I know it took a while longer than we had planned, but there were a ton of them! Now that we have all of the photos we took online, be sure to check out the whole photo gallery on this event profile!

    As you'll see, the photos are arranged in a certain way. The top photos are from the actual GoG 5,000 Party, while the lower section (starting at the Lime Lounge logo) is highlighting the PRE-GoG 5,000 Party.

    An easy way to see them all (before clicking on each one and commenting, haha) is to check out the entire photo gallery here:§ion=images&action=view&p=all

    SIDE NOTE: There's not enough slots available to show all the friends that joined us at this event, but the top friends (until LadyLilBean) were all in attendance! If you know someone who was there and not yet connected to this profile, be sure to share this profile around here, on Facebook/Twitter, ect!

    SIDE NOTE #2: These photos will soon have their own album on Facebook, so we'll get to tagging soon Wink

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