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  1. MacGrandma J!NX Photo Shoot party was great! I saw some old friends and met new ones!

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Jul 01 2009

    J!NX Photo Shoot party was great! I saw some old friends and met new ones!
    Lets see we had Rob Paz/WCG Prod1gy X (The Ultimate Gamer) From the Sci Fi's Gaming Reality Show and old friend, Jessica Chobot from IGN, Justin Wong Fighting is his game! Smile , TriForce GameMaster: yes he was wearing his magic hand! Smile , Ciji Guitar Hero, WCG Ultimate Gamer, I saw some old girls from my division in Halo 3 xHoodlumgirlx and TokyoBarbie, There were all the Jinx big wigs a Professional photographer and of course Games too.. Rock Band 2 and Street Fighter 4 where bouncing in the rooms! There were some more familiar faces but my brain just went blank on their names lol But it was a lot of fun! People were pumping on the games and the photoshoot was bouncing in the back room for all gamers in jinx chlothing! A commercial was being shot all weekend long so these kids were pretty busy. The party was a bit keyed down to be more relaxing.The party was held at La Jolla Brew House in La Jolla, San Diego, CA I stayed just down the street walking distance from the party. So that was awesome!

    I was asked to play Rock Band 2 but well.. I didn't and that's cause I was so exhausted I couldn't think straight. I spent the whole morning since 4 am packing and loading up a truck and bouncing down to Vista San Diego for a Scottish Festival The sun the heat and setting up for the whole day of busy Scottish activities! Smile woo hoo! if it aint Scottish or GAMING it's Crrrap!

    Count me in for the next gaming event with Jinx though! Everyone seemed very friendly! And don't forget to look for me on the Jinx website wearing Jinx gear! Smile I have my own Jinx link now!

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  1. MaTrIx MaTrIx
    Posted On Jun 30 2009

    DUH!!! I forgot that J!NX is based in San