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  1. cgs Carolina Games Summit Scavenger Hunt Goes Live

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Jan 26 2010

    Beginning today, in anticipation of the 5th Annual Carolina Games Summit on Feb 6th, The Escapist, media partner and platinum sponsor of the event, is hosting an online scavenger hunt with five prize packages from Dust-Off, VIBRAS Five.One, Hampton Inn, PNY, and, totaling over $3,000.

    The grand prize packs include one night in the official hotel, Hampton Inn. All five prize packs include tickets to the Carolina Games Summit and a selection of items from the official cleaning product provider Dust-Off, an official video card from PNY and an official 5.1 channel audio headset from VIBRAS Five.One. In addition will customize one of their products for each of the winners.

    Details on the individual prizes can be seen on The Escapist scavenger hunt landing page: Participants in the hunt will explore to find details on what really makes the Carolina Games Summit unique. The event features video game tournaments, live bands, speakers from game developers such as EA and RedStorm, along with representatives from local colleges and schools who feature game design programs. Tracy Schmeltzer the Carolina Games Summit's Producer notes, "Visitors can experience presentations from industry visionaries, plan for a future in the game development field, and enjoy fiercely competitive tournaments all at one event."

    Participants must be 18 years or older, sign up and enter on, and be residents of the continental United States. Winners will be selected at random on Monday, February 1st and receive one of two grand prize packs or three alternative prize packs. Carolina Games Summit will be held Saturday February 6th 2010 10AM 9PM at Wayne Community College in Goldsboro, NC and tickets can be purchased online at

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  1. cgs cgs
    Posted On Jan 27 2010

    You do not have to be present to win! Anyone can enter (except our staff and the Escapist staff) so feel free to try for it!!

  2. BEN BEN
    Posted On Jan 26 2010

    This sounds pretty neat! We got the CGS banner ads up around here today and I'm wondering if you have to be present to enter/win this?

    We're excited to sponsor the lanyards at this event next weekend and be sure to share all the highlights with us during and after the event Very Happy