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  1. BEN GoG 5,000 Party (w/ PRE-Party) Details

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Jan 02 2010

    Updated January 2, 2010


    We've announced the party that will take us to the next level. This unique video game community is pushing towards a major milestone of 5,000 members, and this exciting event will be to celebrate all the great people that has made it happen.

    We're talking 12 hours of pure all-night gaming, music, food, drinks, friends, and fun right here in the center of the country, Des Moines, Iowa. From 7pm-7am, we'll be rocking a great time with great friends and we want YOU and your crew to join us! Here are the specifics...

    DATE: January 2nd-3rd, 2010 (THIS WEEKEND!)
    START TIME: 7:00pm, January 2nd
    END TIME: 7:00am, January 3rd
    LOCATION: Cyber Ops Gaming Center | 520 SW 3rd St. Ankeny, IA 50023

    The "Sounds of GoG 5,000" and a GoG Collector Poster (18x12) will be given to all who attend!

    We're going to be welcoming DJ G Mint and Retro P, as we're excited to have two very cool spinning performances at 10pm and 3am to keep us jamming!

    In addition to the many gaming stations at Cyber Ops, we've connected with Best Buy and members of this video game community to offer an entire 6v6 AND 4v4 multiplayer battle station! Look for tons of MW2 and Halo 3 on professional level 22' LED TVs here people! Bring your headphones and check our Equipment Sign-Up Discussion in the GoG Forum for more information Shocked

    A special thanks goes out to the host gaming center, Cyber Ops, and the speaker company that is bringing some serious SOUND to the event, elemental designs!

    We're also hosting a pre-party for our GoG members that want to start the party right Shocked

    DATE: Saturday, January 2
    TIME: 4:00pm-6:00pm
    LOCATION: The Lime Lounge | 2706 Ingersoll Ave. Des Moines, IA

    All Ages Welcome!

    This will be where the Ciroc vodka and Black Cherry Bombs will be flowing, along with gaming of course. Our friends at The Lime Lounge in Des Moines ( will host this event and we'll make it hot, I guarantee it.

    We've connected with Joe's Photobooth, who will be providing a neat chance for us to capture the fun in our own photobooth, right inside of the Lime Lounge!

    We've also announce that the New Super Mario Bros. Wii will be the main title being played at this PRE-GoG 5,000 Party, so look for a neat/unique, backwards/outside gaming challenge Wink

    You excited yet? YOU SHOULD BE.

    For those of you outside of Iowa, this is worth traveling to attend and let me know if you need help making travel/accommodation arrangements. So far, we have people coming from Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, Illinois, Nebraska, Colorado, and JOIN US!

    Event Discussion:

    Twitter Hashtag: #GoG5000Party

    Live Video Streams:

    Facebook Event Page:

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BEN has 10 comment s on this chronicle.

  1. Im Revenge Im Revenge
    Posted On Jan 04 2010

    Heyyy trying to get sponsored.

    How do i get it?
    Please help. Very Happy

  2. GoG 5,000 Party GoG 5,000 Party
    Posted On Jan 03 2010


    Jump over and check me out to enjoy all the highlights from this awesome, all-night party that celebrates this unique video game community...

  3. x KiNg WeS x x KiNg WeS x
    Posted On Jan 02 2010

    Well since im stuck out here in PA ill be watching the live streams. :/

  4. johnbiz10301 johnbiz10301
    Posted On Dec 31 2009

    I have to get a haircut at like 2:45 and then run home and take a shower since I have basketball that afternoon so I maybe be a few minutes late to the pre-party

  5. Dynafire Dynafire
    Posted On Dec 28 2009

    The pre-party was all-ages, I had thought. Maybe that changed?

    I should be bringing ZMaine up here, as usual, but I dunno if we'll be attending the pre-party. I'd like to get right to CyberOps so I can stake out a spot, get equipment setup, and make sure there are no unexpected technical difficulties regarding this stream I'm supposed to be doing. (I'm still doing that, right?)

  6. Ticklish Ticklish
    Posted On Nov 30 2009

    I'm not old enough for the pre-party Sad

  7. Im Marksman Im Marksman
    Posted On Nov 30 2009

    I'll be there without a doubt, but was wondering if it was cool if I met up with you at the Lime lounge or if it was still set for 21 and up.

  8. SilverOnith SilverOnith
    Posted On Nov 20 2009

    Oh HELL yes! I'm over here in Oklahoma, but I usually take road trips to see family in NY and Alabama. I'm going to end up bugging everybody to take a detour. XD

  9. MaTrIx MaTrIx
    Posted On Nov 15 2009

    I wanna go. But around the 1st of the year is a pain in the a** to try to get time off around here. *wonders if anyone has a couch I can crash on*

  10. A-Thon X A-Thon X
    Posted On Nov 14 2009

    I live in Texas, so i hadn't even considered going until i read this chronicle. I'm starting to get maybe a little bit excited. Very Happy And i got till january to figure something out. *ponder ponder*