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  1. BEN Mentally Preparing To Drop "BEN in 2008"

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Jan 09 2009

    I've completed a memoir-type of short story, that shares almost all of my experiences from last year. It is fairly long, even with my best effort to stick to the point and avoid writing more of a personal journal, but easy to read and exciting at the same time.

    I wrote "BEN in 2008" as a short burst of storytelling and tried to keep things generalized, so that people who may not know me, might still enjoy the adventure.

    I am writing THIS GoG Chronicle, as I prepare to drop what is one of my best works in life so far, because it represents so many things that happened in 2008!

    I hesitate even sharing this story online, but the adventure must be told and maybe it'll even lead to more excitement in the coming years. I feel like what I'm preparing to upload, deserves more than just another Chronicle posting, but I plan to enhance it with photos and maybe it's just something I can enjoy as I get older?

    Either way and I don't want this to sound conceded or too aggressive...look for this upcoming GoG Chronicle to drop very soon and hopefully you're able to enjoy it as much as I enjoyed living to tell about it all!

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  1. JackDaniels624 JackDaniels624
    Posted On Jan 10 2009

    ALABAMASHNOSSY! I'm still mad I missed this...well, I was there in spirit, but still I can't believe I missed the best week ever!!! Some one kick my computer in the balls!