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  1. johnbiz10301 Oh Modern Warfare 2... Where Do I Start?

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Nov 06 2010

    As we all know Call of Duty: Black Ops is coming out on Tuesday. I'm very excited for a new fresh game in the Call of Duty series, but as one game comes in, another must go out, and that game of course, is Modern Warfare 2.

    Oh where do I begin with this game. I've never seen a game get so much hype like this. People were going insane for this game, and I was as well. We were all looking forward to "pwning the noobs" as they say in this brand new title.

    When the game dropped the video game community was taken over by one single title, something I have never experienced before. Remember all those countless hours of playing, and playing, and playing, and having so much fun with this game? Remember logging on to your console and seeing everyone online playing one single title? This game had the community, and myself, hooked.

    As time went on a few flaws were found which took a little bit away from this game, but not much. Then it kept getting worse, and worse, and worse. More flaws, more exploits, just some many things started going wrong so fast. One of the worst parts about it, Activision didn't do anything to fix it. As this game spiraled into a deeper and deeper hole with all these problems, Activision just sat back, relaxed, and counted their money. What happened to our beloved Modern Warfare 2?

    This game lead to the destruction of a company. Infinity Ward is as broken as it's game. The company slowly but surely fell apart during this games life, losing some pretty important figures in it's company. As the community sat back and watched this unfold, will continued to ask the question of why? Why could something that started so good turn so bad? Why is this company that we practically praised falling apart? This roller coaster ride we are on is begining to hit the bottom of the hill, and slowly start to stop.

    Now here we are, a year later. The game's life is coming to an end, and it shall not be gracing, or torturing, our consoles any longer. We have replaced the broken controllers, fixed the holes in our walls, and cooled ourself down from the rage this game has brought us. But as I sit here, writing this Chronicle, I can't help but remember the great fun this game brought us. I think of my first game, Team Deathmach on Derail, My first Nuke, Estate Headquarters, helping BEN get his 62 win streak, sharing laughs with GoG members and friends alike. I sit back and think about how this game has treated me over the last year. No matter how much we hate it now, no matter what we want to say about it now, Modern Warfare 2 had our console occupied so much over the last year. Now we all sit and wait, for the next chapter in the Call of Duty series. We are all looking forward to that day when we get to open our game, and put it in our console as so many others across the world will be doing. Modern Warfare 2, the gaming journey you have sent me and so many others on has been a crazy one to say the least. We leave with questions still unanswered, and a game that changed so much. It is the end of this era and the beginning of the next, good bye Modern Warfare 2, no matter what you put us through, the good and the bad, we will miss you.

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